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Carolina Hurricanes Concept(my first ever!)


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Hello everyone! This is my first ever attempt at making a jersey concept and also my first time ever using Adobe Illustrator. I decided to work on making a new home jersey for the Canes that takes the best elements of their old uniforms as well as the new ones such as the warning flag stripes and the extended yoke, I also took the 2 white stripes that's on the current home uniform and incorporated it. I'm pretty happy with how it turned out but let me know what you think and any advice for the future!



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Wow, those are really good for a first time. My only objection is where is all the black? Maybe add black socks? Also, the NHL has a heck of a lot of Red/White or Red/Black/white teams, so maybe add more storm flags somewhere? Like add a couple on the hem, maybe two rows of them on the waist

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