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NFL Holiday Spirit (Minnesota/Seattle posted)


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It's mid-October, 2017 and We're well into the 3-Month cluster of the holiday season. So to celebrate the National Football League is launching a new event, NFL Holiday Spirit!


A series of five Games between conference rivals, two for the AFC and three for the NFC with Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas themes. Obviously, we're starting with Halloween, With an AFC & an NFC game.


The AFC game: Baltimore at Oakland- Mon, Oct. 30, 2017 at 8:30 PM

The NFC game: Minnesota at Seattle- Sun, Oct. 29, 2017 at 8:30 PM


So without further ado here is the first AFC matchup:




The Ravens are on the road and since both teams have dark color schemes, Baltimore is wearing all white, including a white helmet. While this might not make any sense at first since they are the RAVENS, there is a serious backstory to this uniform. While Ravens are of course usually black there is such bathing as white Ravens, and they're pretty cool and creepy looking. Not to mention, the fact that in Greek mythology, Ravens had white feathers. So I went with that, and used a color scheme of mainly white and gold.




Raiders fans look like a Halloween party pretty much year round (No offense Raiders fans) so what better place to hold a Halloween themed game than in the Black chasm that is Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum (Srsly place is yuge). So the Raiders are dressing up even more than usual, with a completely dark gray getup complete with black helmet and black socks.


Minnesota/ Seattle will be up ASAP, but for now, What do you think of this MNF Matchup?

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1 hour ago, osctheg said:



52 minutes ago, osctheg said:

is this real?


50 minutes ago, osctheg said:

if so :woot:

Just asking, you do know you can edit posts right? Just click edit under the post you made rather than making 3 different short posts.


As for the designs, I like them. The only complaint I have is that Oakland's logo blends in with the helmet, but it still works. Baltimore's looks good (I'm personally not a big fan of them using gold, idk why, maybe cause I'm a Steelers fan :P). 


Looking forward to Minnesota vs Seattle. 

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Next up, Minnesota X Seattle




This is the first color on color matchup, because both teams have drastically different schemes. So, the Vikes are sporting a purple and black ensemble, with no white and accents of yellow. This is not black for black's sake, first of all its Halloween, and second of all they do actually use a black facemask in regular games. While there's not really a theme here, it is basically a darkening up of the Vikings.




The Seahawks are by far the most out there concept so far, so it'll either hit or miss with most people. But the, albeit unorthodox, theme here is 'Zombie Seahawks'. So, the Hawks are all action green with blue, silver, and red accents. The red really ties in with the Zombie theme and even the logos eye switches from green to red.


Next up is Thanksgiving, but What do you think of this NFC Halloween game?

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7 hours ago, eick74 said:

I think the Vikings should stay with the normal helmet logo.

You're right, i wanted to eliminate as much white as possible, but yeah ill make the change

7 hours ago, ahowe6464 said:

Numbers on Seattle are hard to see. Also, if eye is red on helmet, it should be red on sleeves as well.

I can make some adjustments to the numbers, will probably just use the flat font. and I know it doesn't look it, but the eyes on the sleeves are red


Thank you for the feedback guys!

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