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NBA Changes 2017-18


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^Man, I'd love to see those baby blue MPLS throwbacks again. I'm not a Lakers fan by any stretch of the imagination, but they've had some beautiful uniforms throughout their history, and those baby blue and yellows are no exception. I was actually hoping they'd go with either of these for their Classic edition:


But I won't complain at all with the choice to go with the '47-52 uniforms, just as long as they choose the baby blue version and not the home whites. I mean, just look at how beautiful they looked the last time they were worn as throwbacks in 2002:


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6 hours ago, andrewharrington said:


I’m scratching my head trying to figure out if you’re just trolling, or if you don't actually see the white numbers, letters, and stripe on the side trim.



They're pretty clearly the same color as before, which is a light blue.



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18 hours ago, ChicagoOakland said:

I might flip a table if this is what the Warriors actually go with for a throwback. I still love the "The City" jerseys, but having the actual San Francisco name on the jersey right now seems tasteless.

Hey, Mr. Lacob...*clears throat* THEY. PLAY. IN. OAKLAND.

Idk locals didn't have a problem with it back then


but then again warriors are winning now and more importantly in Oakland. so i guess it could be some sort of backlash if the brought back.


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Whoa thanks Conrad for the "wake-up" call.. Sadly though I'm disappointed at over 1/2 of the teams choices.


Atlanta =Ok but wish they went with these (guilty pleasure uniform SUPER underrated)



Charlotte = Winner


Golden State = Winner but rather had 20140806__mitchrichmond1.jpg?w=645&h=445


Lakers =  @upperV03 read my mind 100%. 


Baby blue version of these along with this version would make their set COMPLETE


Miami = Ok but didn't have much of a catalog to choose from


Phoenix = Very good classic but rather had the purple Barkley era one


Bucks = Meh. rather they do these


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1 hour ago, WSU151 said:


LeBron wore the black throwback as well while with the Heat. 




Off Topic, but I'm mad the NBA fined him for wearing this mask. I honestly feel that if a NBA player wants to wear a mask or needs to wear one due to injury in order to keep playing, allow them to be customizable like goalie masks are. Look how badass this masks looks to the one Rip wore: 




Also, if those are the 4 jerseys we do see @Conrad., I'm all for them. 

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2 hours ago, Around the Horn said:

Was this posted earlier? 




Man if I see that Red Ben Franklin Fanatics $35 t-shirt jersey replica that was posted over a month ago for the millionth time again... 


Btw. That blue jersey shirt from Chris Heck's Twitter post is new though! 

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