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NBA Changes 2017-18


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From that 2K video, a couple of screenshots showing the Knicks' and Celtics' updated shorts designs:



A better look at the Lakers white uniform:

And a whole bunch of looks at the new Nike NBA socks, which look to be customized for each team:


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4 minutes ago, RichO said:

It never thought about it- but are socks considered uniform and not personal and controlled by the players the way shoes are?

Technically yes, last season players had mainly 4 options for socks. Plain white and black or team versions of white and black that included their logo. They were required to wear stance socks under those constraints. 

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52 minutes ago, suns1977 said:


I personally love these.  


They have a couple of pros, but too many cons for me to have ever fully gotten on board with them.



- Music note wordmark and logos

- Number font



- Navy and not purple

- Since they do insist on navy, the green is WAY too dark and has poor contrast. Should be Kelly or even teal

- side panels "cut to same degree as the ZZ's" or whatever look really corny and over-modernized

- besides that, the tri-color side panel is too thick and always looked better as a thinner trim

- shoulder trim and collar are mismatched

- the whole concept just looks awkward altogether being classic a throwback idea thrown into a blender with a modern design. If they want to go throwback (which they should and was always a good thing), they need to keep it to a more classic design to really look the part (which they don't).

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