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NBA Changes 2017-18


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7 minutes ago, Lights Out said:

I'll wait to see real pictures of the Clippers' uniforms instead of blurry 2K screenshots before I judge, but so far, it's not what I was expecting based on the teaser graphics. I was thinking they'd go with a vintage look, but it seems they're sticking with a more modern approach.


I will say this: I don't think the "butt stripe" is as egregious as the Suns' or Mavs', because it doesn't wrap all the way around the back of the shorts and there seems to be some actual design intent. The two-tone design is kind of cool, actually, and they found a way to do it without ripping off the Pistons.


I just want to say I'm proud my Suns forced the term "butt stripe" into our lexicon.

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2 hours ago, upperV03 said:

Clippers uniform. The wordmark is staying the same (sans pool noodles, though), and the shorts have a half-blue, half-red butt stripe:



It looks like Clippers decided to take shorts from Suns and retouch it a little.

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Clippers are a mess. Hard to tell for sure based on that video but sorta looks like-


* Black Collar

* Black wordmark

* Black front number

* Red back number

* Black player name

* Red/Blue butt stripe


Holy inconsistency 

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