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NBA Changes 2017-18


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The okc jerseys are pretty good looking as a template and the color swooshes go with their logo so I say good job, despite the gray that doesn’t match their identity. 


I could see that template working well for other teams. 

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5 minutes ago, kimball said:


It looks like most are unveiling around the 27th. Seems odd they wouldn't push them before Christmas?

If rumors of production issues are true, that's probably why.


18 hours ago, FinsUp1214 said:

The Jazz released this video ahead of the City edition release. You also get to see what appears to be another secondary logo at the very end (similar to the state one on the cap, but in gradient).




I must say, I felt a whole lot of Utah pride watching this. It’s very well done. I’m still not sure how I’m going to like the jerseys, but at least I love how they’re marketing it.

Looking at that logo at the end, I wonder if the gradient is going to go from red to black on the shorts. So in total from yellow/orange to red to black

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As much I disliked the OKC City jersey at first, I do think grey does fit as a jersey colour for a team named the Thunder. But the execution here is iffy.


But Grey for Grey's Sake is worse than BFBS at this point, because most of the grey jerseys coming out are very monotone and just ignore a team's whole colour scheme. Yeah maybe the Twolves can get away with it if you consider that an actual grey wolf itself won't have any blue or green on it. But Cleveland's is just unconscionable. Grey with white panels and letters, but very minimal gold. Like deviating from your colour scheme is fine if the result is interesting, but there's nothing interesting or fun about any of these grey jerseys. 


I'm also pretty disappointed with the Portland City uniform and how they decided a zoomed-in perspective of the flannel/plaid would look good. The worst part it being that the front letters and numbers cover up the flannel mostly so you're left with a big grey space on the stomach. I suppose once they're tucked in the space won't be as noticeable, but they should have just used a symmetrical pattern. So EASY to do but nope.

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On ‎12‎/‎19‎/‎2017 at 10:29 AM, JPDesign said:



Somehow looks even worse in real life.

I don't hate the idea of having the middle chest arched multi-colored stripes. It's almost like Portland, but different. I like that design element. Everything else kind of suck big time though.

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