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NHL: Canada's 150th Anniversary


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I've been hearing a lot of rumors about the Ottawa Senators holding an outdoor game to commemorate their 25th anniversary as well as Canada's 150th anniversary. I decided to make a concept logo that resembled the Winter and Heritage Classic logos. 


Hope you enjoy, C&C appreciated :)



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11 minutes ago, ldconcepts said:

Like the idea and execution, but why would you put a Quebec flag? (Ottawa is in Ontario) It would definitely fit with the current slew of outdoor games!

I added the Quebec flag because it's rumored that Ottawa will play Montreal so I figured I'd just put it in there.


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46 minutes ago, MJWalker45 said:

Good start, I'd add more of the capital building or maybe a couple players at the base. Possibly drop the flag poles but leave the flags.

Good idea I was trying to think of some stuff that could fill the empty space there. 

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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