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I took a short break from my NHL Pastel Series to redo the Winter Classic jerseys. The changes I made were mostly minor, but I think they really improve the jerseys.


St. Louis Blues

Blues Logo Pres.png

Blues Jersey.png


The Blues really nailed their Winter Classic uniforms this year. When I started out I wanted to incorporate the St. Louis flag into the jersey. Sadly, any way I tried to do so looked awful, so I left the jersey striping as-is, just filled in the cuffs and waist.


Chicago Blackhawks

Blackhawks Logo Pres.png

Blackhawks Jersey.png


The Blackhawks have really untouchable jerseys, so these don't have a major impact either. The "improvements" I made on this one were to add in some sky blue from the Chicago flag, and add the red stars from the flag on the arms.


So, I know those were some really minor changes, but what do you think?

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11 hours ago, chcarlson23 said:

Your stripes are WAY to low on the sleeves and hems for both jerseys...

yah, if these were worn on ice the gloves would cover the stars on the hawks one and most of the stripes too. stripes usually are on or right below the elbow

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