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American Third Parties Logo Designs (UPDATED WITH BULL MOOSE PARTY)


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Ok, I know the major American political season is over, but I couldn't stop thinking about the Libertarian Party. I've never considered myself a libertarian, nor do I plan to, but I thought about how they're trying to legitimize themselves and other 3rd parties. Therefore, they'd need a strong, but unique, identity. I crafted these up based on the Liberty Bell, which is basically the start of the word "libertarian", and came up with two options I liked. One that goes to the all-American (Or French, Russian, Australian, British, etc...) color scheme of red, white and blue, and another logo that keeps the Libertarian color of yellow, while adding in blue.

Initial Pres.png


I feel like there are definitely some improvements to be made, but I figured I'd post the first drafts here and see what y'all thought!




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I darkened the yellow, and made two more versions.




The first version is just prior designs with a darker yellow, the middle version is a design with no stars, no stripes, no anything in the background, and the final version is just a design with stars.





You're damn right I made a weed one. Just to ensure the stoner vote, and to get out their ideas.


What do you think?

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1 hour ago, Htown1141 said:

I think you copied me with e weed XD. Seriously, though, I think the stars in background look a lot nicer, and I can't help but admire your presentation.


You got me, it was a great idea.


Anyways, here's another 3rd party in need of an identity.


Green Party

Pres 1.png


Initially, I was looking for a leaf logo, but that just seemed too generic. To balance it out, I added in the 'G', and that resulted in the first logo. The second logo came from the bird that landed on Bernie Sanders' podium a few months ago. I thought, "Bernie supporters voted for Jill Stein. Jill Stein is in the Green Party. Green Party likes nature. Nature has birds." and the result was the bird logo in the form the current donkey/elephant style.


What do you think of this next batch?

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4 hours ago, osctheg said:

those are cool. Can you do bull moose party?



Pres 1.png


Honestly didn't do a whole lot here. I outlined a picture of a moose facing forwards (Where the party is going) with the backgrounds from the original Libertarian logo. Each variation is a recolor of one another because I thought it was a good enough design that there didn't need to be a ton of other variations.

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