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ABA 2000 Remake: Miami Tropics


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So something that I like to do on this forum is to view the ABA 2000 Megapost thread. 

It's a good area to see what to do and not to do as far as designing logos from viewing the quality of the designs on this thread. Something that I've been putting off for a while was a chance to try my hand at redesigning one of these myself. With some extra free time on my plate and the Logolympiad event taking place, I had the motivation to get started. The initial image I began with was the Miami Tropics. 




There were two things I wanted to keep from this. I decided to stick with a similar color scheme to the original type. Orange was considered as well, a la their Flint counterparts in Semi-Pro or the scheme of the Miami Floridans throwback. The palm tree idea was kept as well and altered in order to keep the T shape.  



If there are any suggestions on where to go from here, please let me know!

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Love the ball in the previous logo's colors. The palm tree needs some finessing to get it to match the curve of the ball some more, and some highlights wouldn't hurt. Also, you may want to redraw the outline on the tree, as it cuts off at some of your nodes in the leaves (or mess with the stroke settings, whichever). Finally, you might want to mess around with the placement of the wordmark -- pro sports logos typically have both vertical and horizontal mockups for their full logo w/ wordmark.


Hope this helps!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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