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That time I made stuff for Logolympiad


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Now that the Logolympiad is done, I'm creating one of those silly threads where I show off my stuff and people tell me what's wrong with it.


Event 1: Anniversary Patch




I wanted to go a little off of the beaten path, so I chose the 25th anniversary of the founding of the country of Kazakhstan.  The elements and colors are taken from the country's flag.


The only thing I think I'd change about this one would be the "5"; I was hellbent on the symmetry, but I don't know if it was very effective.   I think squaring off the upper-left corner would have made it read much better.



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Event 2: Wordmark




For the Omaha Brewers wordmark, I used the shape of the barrel "O" in the logo as the basis for all of the lettering.  This worked pretty well for "OMAHA"... but less well for "BREWERS", I think.  I still like the overall look, though.  The one mistake I made was making the two different "E"s; originally, I was going to curve the right portion of the "R" the other way, so I used the different "E" on the left side; after changing my mind, I should have copied the "E" from the right and put it on the left.  I also should have done some proper beveling, but I'm not very good at that.

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Event 3: Sporting Event




Well this was... different.  I did this one when I was at my house in Minneapolis, packing things before I sold it, and the stress sort of shows.  You know, though, I still kinda like it, even if it's a bit out here.


I was originally going to add the Golden Gate Bridge somewhere outside of the head, but as I started added the detailing on the head, the idea came to me.  In retrospect, though, my execution was pretty poor.  That bridge needs some help.

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Event 4: Crossover




Like I wasn't going to pick MNUFC, right? :D


I'm a little disappointed this wasn't received better.  I thought it was a pretty solid entry.  That said, I liked it better before a rules clarification forced me to use black for the base:




The dark gray is from their current home kits, and allowed me to go for the black-on-gray effect they use there.  (Never mind the floating "VENEGAS" there; it was an in-progress version.)

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Event 5: League Logo




To be honest, I'm still pretty amazed I got a medal on this one.  I wouldn't say I phoned it in, but I realize it isn't the most creative thing I've ever done.  I had a lot of trouble coming up with good ideas for this one.  That said, I'm still pretty happy with how it turned out.

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Event 7: Company Logo




I had trouble coming up with anything for this one.  I decided to do a parody based on the company from Better Off Ted (a brilliant show that was cancelled far too soon!):



The logo portion was supposed to be Dr. Evil and Mini Me.  Judging by the results of the voting, nobody got the joke.  But I'm used to that. :D



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Event 8: Fantasy Team


...oops.  The timing of this one was bad, and I just ran out of time and juice.  I was going to go with the St. Louis Foxes, but my early attempts at making a logo just weren't working.


Moving on...



Event 9: Alternate Logo




This one was a little rushed, I admit.  I feel like the idea was solid--a bat and old-school telescope crossed as an X--but the execution could have been better.  I'll stroke my own ego and say it's better than their current logo, though. :P

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Event 10: Time Warp




I have to admit I was a little disappointed that I didn't medal with this one; I really liked the final product.  However, I'll admit that beveling isn't one of my strong points, so I suspect that's part of what might have cost me.  (Plus there were some other very nice entries.)

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Anniversary Patch - Your entry really stood out, and for me, a big part of the appeal was the symmetry of the 2 and 5. I think you could have squared off the upper left corner of the 5, and also the upper right corner of the 2. Keeps the symmetry, makes the 5 more identifiable, and doesn't hurt the shape of the 2?


Wordmark - I'm mostly responding in this thread to say how much I liked this wordmark. It was clearly something that wasn't simply:

  • Choose Font
  • Type "BREWERS"
  • Apply Effects

I especially liked how the top of the 'B', instead of following it's own barrel shape, followed the shape of the 'R' next to it. I also like the different-shaped 'E's, particularly how each fits the curve of the central 'W'. If you were to change that second 'E', I'd leave the left side as it is and curve the right side in the same direction, so it also follows the curve of the 'W' instead of the 'R'. (Basically, flipping the first 'E', but with the spine on the proper side of the letter, if that makes sense.)


Sporting Event - I like the colours and I like the idea of using the bridge's suspension cable to form the horse's jawline. Overall, it looks a little crude. I think you could have done a better job of adding some expression to the horse with more work on the eye and mouth, and maybe adding a flared nostril. (You know, your run-of-the-mill angry animal logo ;) )


Crossover - It's a good entry. I think that when everybody's using existing logos and mostly standard templates it's just harder to stand out.


League Logo - I think that was my favourite entry from that event, but I don't think I voted for it. To me, the most dominant feature of the league logo should have been "ABA" or even simply a large 'A', and I didn't like how "ABA" was so small and seemed thrown in. I thought you could have added a large 'A' nestled directly outside and following the lines of the top and lower points of the star.


Alternate Uniform - Again, existing logos and mostly standard templates make for a more even playing field. Looked like a bear logo, said Wolfsburg on the nameplate, and had what looked like tiger stripes because they alternated orange and black.


Company Logo - I got the Mini Me part, but not the Veridian part. Too clever. ;)


Alternate Logo - Yeah, the crossed bat and telescope are a good concept. That team's got the potential for great logos - somebody's probably going to do an awesome update for them eventually.


Time Warp - I think I voted for this one, based on the logo.



Congratulations on completing as many entries as you did. I have a lot of respect for all of the contestants, like you, who had the focus, dedication, and determination to stretch their creativity over multiple events. Great job!

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