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ldconcepts' Logolympiad Entries


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Hi all,

I challenged myself by entering in the Logolympiad this year, even though I have little experience with logos. Without further ado, here are my entries.




My original entry was a Penguins patch that I liked, but they follow a weird anniversary pattern in the NHL, therefore making a concept for that team ineligible. I rushed a bit on this, and it showed. I started off with a 50 with horns, but my downfall was probably the cliché ribbon on top.

I received two silver votes.





Again, not my strongest point. I chose a font to match the logo, and edited the outlines and letters to match the great logo that pollux put out. I don't think it was a bad look, but it doesn't compete with the far superior entries that placed higher.

I didn't receive any votes.





I was happy to have two events to show off my strong point- hockey uniforms. I just designed a simple uniform that I find compliments DC United's logo very well. Unfortunately, many had the same idea, but I think my experience paid off.

I received 5 gold, 8 silver, and 5 bronze votes for a gold medal!




Ah, back to my mediocre logo-making skills. I thought I had a pretty good idea on this one, combining a roundel with an american flag with a basketball, but it became muddled when I reread the criteria to realize the full league name had to be included in the logo. A bit of the charm is lost in the B&W rendition, though.

I received one silver vote.





I again matched the uniform to the logo with a Flyers-esque arm stripe, but I think I missed out on the font choice. Looking back, I think a 2000s Wild font would have sealed the deal.

I received a respectable 4 gold, 4 silver and 2 bronze votes.




I'm not to familiar with soccer aesthetics. This time, I had to design an actual logo, so I just cleaned up the crest.

I didn't receive any votes.


C&C appreciated on all these! What did you like? Didn't like? Why did or didn't you vote for me? Let me know below.

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