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DaRadniz's NBA 2K17 Expansion and Rebrand


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So I at first thought about continuing my LV NHL concept thread, but then decided I wanted to inject some backstories to the expansion and team rebrands.  Here it goes:


The NBA is awarded a franchise in Las Vegas, the NHL sets their sights on Quebec City (or Seattle...). Through a name the team contest the fans chose Spartans. Black, Vegas Gold and Steel Grey are chosen team colors, and a greek/Sparta motif is used for the logos.


- The Warriors on the move to San Francisco, keep the Golden State Warriors moniker, but with their stadium along the bay, adopt a tritons motif for logo.



First up the Las Vegas Spartans:


Primary Logo:


A two-tone gold and black Spartan helmet in front of a rounded shield centered with a steel gray basketball and two spears protruding out. Las Vegas in black and gold, and Spartans in gold and white with black trim, font I believe is bombardier Army style.  


Secondary Logo:


Rounded shield with gold basketball and black accent and gold outline, with a left-facing spear in black and gold trim. Wacky custom-created fish-eye lettering for the LV.


I had an idea for a tertiary logo with spartan helmet and crossing spears like in my OP, however I'm not sure I'm completely set on any font.  The gold is dark because of the lighting in 2K17 can be a bit overpowered at points, and also trying to match Vegas Gold.


Contemplating adding an accent color, maybe red? I like all the colors in the logos, but not attached to them by any means.


C&C welcome


Uniforms on their way. Then the Warriors rebrand.

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