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AFC (week 2 schedule)


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So because I have no life as many of you guys don't either, I decided to make a CCSLC account. I did this so I can present my Madden CFM league thing. I took all of the AFC teams and relocated them to almost all of the cities on CFM that you can relocate to. There are 18 options, but since there's only 16 teams I didn't use Salt Lake City or Houston, because the team name/logo options sucked (with the exception of the Oilers.) I left the NFC teams alone and pretend they don't exist. What I do is simulate the games so I can watch and not control them. I will post weekly highlights and scores of the league when I can.


Here are the rules and set up of the league:

- A simulated fantasy draft was held at the beginning of the first season.

- 7 min quarters, but game mode is  set to "fast" so the scores are realistic to a real NFL game

- 12 games per season, excluding preseason (each team plays an NFC team 4 times, but it counts as a forced win for the AFC team)

-AFC championship counts as the final "championship" (super bowl is simulated and ignored)


Here is an overview of the teams, but I'll post in depth each team later (uniforms, roster, etc):



-London Black Knights

-London Bulldogs

-Brooklyn Bulls

-Dublin Celtic Tigers



-Columbus Aviators

-Toronto Thunderbirds

-Chicago Tigers

-Portland Snowhawks



-Oklahoma City Bisons

-Mexico City Diablos

-Orlando Sentinels

-Memphis Steamers



-Austin Desperados

-San Antonio Dreadnoughts

-Sacramento Miners

-Los Angeles Red Dragons


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