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Ranking every current "standard" NFL home uniform


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A while back we had a good turnout ranking all the then-current NFL helmets. I am interested in doing the same thing with home uniforms. I am going to include every non-special home uniform. By special I mean throwbacks, Color Rush, or any other one-off or special event uniform. So only uniforms that are reasonably available to be worn on any given home game. This means that for many teams there will only be one uniform included, some will have two, and some will have many (ex. Browns). It does not necessarily have to be a uniform that has actually been worn this season. It just needs to be one that is known to be a real option.


The ranking page is now set up! Click HERE to work on your rankings. You do not necessarily have to rank all the uniforms—if you want to do only your top 10, 25, etc. you can—but ranking them all is recommended. Make sure to hit Submit when you are finished.


For a helpful visual, I've created a photo grid of the uniforms in the next post. I tried to get a decent photo of each uniform. For a more normalized comparison, I highly recommend browsing the great template graphics from canzman in this thread.


i will keep the poll open at least until the conference championship round weekend. I know it will take a good 30-40 minutes to do a full ranking, and I want to make sure everyone that's interested has the opportunity.


Team: Helmet-Jersey-Pants


  1. Raiders: Silver-Black-Silver
  2. Patriots: Silver-Blue-Silver
  3. Ravens: Black-Purple-White
  4. Ravens: Black-Black-Black
  5. Ravens: Black-Purple-Black
  6. Texans: Navy-Navy-White
  7. Texans: Navy-Navy-Navy
  8. Texans: Navy-Red-White
  9. Chiefs: Red-Red-White
  10. Chiefs: Red-Red-Red
  11. Broncos: Navy-Navy-Navy
  12. Broncos: Navy-Orange-White
  13. Dolphins: White-Teal-White
  14. Steelers: Black-Black-Yellow
  15. Bills: White-Blue-White
  16. Titans: White-Light Blue-Navy
  17. Titans: White-Navy-White
  18. Texans: Navy-Red-Navy
  19. Colts: White-Blue-White
  20. Chargers: White-Navy-White
  21. Chargers: White-Powder-White
  22. Bengals: Orange-Orange-White
  23. Bengals: Orange-Black-White
  24. Bengals: Orange-Black-Black
  25. Jets: White-Green-White
  26. Jets: White-Green-Green
  27. Jags: Gradient-Black-Black
  28. Jags: Gradient-Turquoise-White
  29. Bengals: Orange-Orange-Black
  30. Browns: Orange-Brown-Brown
  31. Browns: Orange-Brown-Orange
  32. Browns: Orange-Brown-White
  33. Browns: Orange-Orange-Orange
  34. Browns: Orange-Orange-Brown
  35. Browns: Orange-Orange-White
  36. Cowboys: Silver-White-Seafoam
  37. Cowboys: Silver-Navy-Silver
  38. Seahawks: Navy-Navy-Navy
  39. Lions: Silver-Blue-Silver
  40. Falcons: Black-Red-White
  41. Giants: Blue-Blue-Silver
  42. Giants: Blue-Blue-White
  43. Redskins: Burgundy-Burgundy-Yellow
  44. Vikings: Purple-Purple-Purple
  45. Vikings: Purple-Purple-White
  46. Bucs: Pewter-Red-Pewter
  47. Eagles: Green-Green-White
  48. Eagles: Green-Black-Black
  49. Saints: Gold-Black-Gold
  50. Saints: Gold-Black-Black
  51. Cardinals: White-Red-White
  52. Cardinals: White-Black-White
  53. Panthers: Silver-Black-Silver
  54. Panthers: Silver-Blue-Silver
  55. Panthers: Silver-Black-Black
  56. Cardinals: White-Red-Red
  57. Packers: Yellow-Green-Yellow
  58. Rams: Navy-Navy-White
  59. Bears: Navy-Navy-White
  60. 49ers: Gold-Red-Gold
  61. Ravens: Black-Black-White
  62. Titans: White-Navy-Navy
  63. Jags: Gradient-Black-White
  64. Eagles: Green-Black-White
  65. Titans: White-Light Blue-White
  66. Rams: Navy-Navy-Navy
  67. Broncos: Navy-Navy-White
  68. 49ers: Gold-Black-Black
  69. Dolphins: White-White-White
  70. Dolphins: White-Teal-Teal
  71. Rams: Navy-White-White
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High ranking: Raiders, Packers, Chiefs w/white pants, Bears w/white pants, Lions, Broncos, Colts (though they look better in all-white), Giants (though they too look better on the road), Bills even though their tapered helmet stripe drives me crazy, Panthers in all-black (yeah, I like it)


Low ranking: Bengals even though they're my team and their helmet is awesome, Eagles because they shouldn't be wearing teal, Titans because navy is overrated, Jags in black because of the helmet and they SHOULD be wearing teal, Ravens because screw them and their tights masquerading as pants, Steelers because screw them (objectively they look okay), Browns because a sideways script on your leg is an objectively horrible thing, Chargers because they need MOAR LIGHT BLUE, Jets because they can't match greens and their official shade is too dark and muddy anyway


In between: Everyone else

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A few I've noticed missing:


Titans - White-Light Blue-White (They also have worn White-Light Blue-Light Blue in non-Color Rush but not in a while.)




Rams - Navy-Navy-Navy




Eagles - Green-Black-White



49ers - Gold-Black-Black




Broncos - Navy-Navy-White



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21 hours ago, JTrainGBR83 said:


Thanks for your help. Do you think the Niners all-black should be considered a standard home uni? I'm leaning towards not including it.


That's an official alternate for them, so I would say so. They wore it twice last year, but this year only wore it for color rush. Not sure if they wearing it again in one of their final 2 home games.

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On 11/29/2016 at 9:23 AM, VikWings said:

A few I've noticed missing:


Titans - White-Light Blue-White (They also have worn White-Light Blue-Light Blue in non-Color Rush but not in a while.)


This looks so good. Even with the outdated late-90s styling. Wish they would make this their primary. The white pants look so much better with the light blue jersey than the navy pants ever did.

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On 11/29/2016 at 1:16 PM, JTrainGBR83 said:

Panthers: Do they wear all blues outside of Color Rush? No


Texans: Do they wear navy jerseys with light blue pants? Didn't you mean to say "Titans"? If that's the case, they have only wore that combo twice (both during the 2007 regular season). At home vs the Falcons and on the road at Tampa (and in consecutive weeks at that).


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