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Sunshine State Redux - Dolphins (Nov 28)


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The sunny state of Florida is home to numerous athletic clubs. They have nine professional clubs in the Big Four leagues of North America. I noticed that every team has a crappy uniform component. Breaking it down further;


In the NFL, we have three teams from different parts of the state. The Miami Dolphins have questionable colour choices (navy?) and a bland uniform for a team called the Dolphins. The Buccaneers have awful numbers, weird colour choices, and an odd combo of stripes and piping. The Jaguars have a strong colour combo but terrible uniforms. In the NBA, we have the Heat and the Magic. The Heat aren't that bad but a couple tweaks could be greatly beneficial. The Magic have gone in the opposite direction of where they should be headed. The NHL provides some of the best uniforms out of the bunch. The Florida redesign was so much better than their last set, but a few tweaks could knock it out of the park. The Lightning have another boring set, despite another inspiring name. The MLB fields two of the last teams. The Marlins have such a great colour combo (minus black) and have so much potential, but it has been wasted. The Rays are close to a homer of a set, but tweaks should fix the problems.


My last project ended eight months ago. I haven't made a concept of any kind in over half a year, so bear with me. Let's begin with the Dolphins. I love the throwbacks that the Dolphins have. I think it's a consensus that they should go back to those full time. Here's the full set.


miami home.png


The home set features a teal top and white pants with their old logo, because it's great.

miami road.png


The road set is a whiteout because I thought it looked good and the colours really stand out.


miami alternate.png


Maybe an unpopular opinion, but I loved the Colour Rush jerseys from this year. I used white pants and socks to balance the colours a little better.


I have returned at last. Leave C and C!

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Totally agree.  I find myself saying they should keep them as their primary set every time I see them.  They're great.  I wasn't a fan of the orange when they had them a few years ago on the unis of that era, but on these I think the orange works.  Great stuff!

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I'm in the minority of people who think the current Dolphins look is a really solid one, but I would have no problem seeing Miami wear these full time. I'm not really sure how I feel about an orange alternate, but I do like your execution and it completes the set nicely. Nice Work!

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