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Avalanche Logo Tweak


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2 hours ago, CreamSoda said:

Played around with the Avalanche logo. Wanted to get it to three colors: Burgundy, Navy and Silver.  Also wanted to change up the style a bit.




Any thoughts so far?


The simplicity does wonders for the Avs logo. I'd remove the jagged spiky edges and keep the snow smooth, though.


The other part that should be touched up is that white bit at the top. I'd straighten that out.

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Hate to say, but its not better than what they wear now. The snow looks ''hairy'' or ''feathery'' for lack of a better word. In fact, it almost looks like the ''A'' is wearing a mustache.

The grey puck is...weird. Pucks aren't silver. If it was dark grey or even navy it would make sense, but removing black just for the sake of removing black really hurts your concept.

Keep trying. Not much you can improve on though, but interesting effort.

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taking a quick look as i scrolled from the first version i had an interesting idea.  What if the swoosh coming down was a swiping arm of a yeti, with the little snow at the top its other hand, and it's coming out the top side of the "mountain" with a roar...

any way, update looks better. 

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Sorry to reply that late but I think this is a big improvement to the actual logo! Keep it simple, less 90's overdoing, more classy style fitting to a hockey club.


The one thing I wouldn't miss is this snowy part on the upper side of the A. What should this be? (Not your logo, generally) Does the avalanche start from nowhere? I'd change it for a snowy top of the A


By the way snow can be fluffy too, guys ;)

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