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10 minutes ago, #ConceptLeagues said:

I appreciate the kind words, as well as, the proofread. You're 100% correct and I do know the difference.

I went back through I saw multiple instances in which I did this repeatedly. Shaking my own head, lol.


My high school teacher wouldn't have been as kind as you. :D


The good thing is these aren't final reveals. I will have an opportunity to redeem myself.

Once I'm finished with all 24 team reveals, I will go back and make copy edits and design alterations.


At that point, I will post final team slicks and more to wrap up this project.



For what it's worth, I spent yesterday proofreading my thesis... after I'd already turned in to committee. Pretty embarrassing when a character's name suddenly changes because you weren't paying attention...

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20 hours ago, Jbadger9 said:

Helmets look better. Uniforms look great! I like the striping

Thanks badger.

17 hours ago, NotFromBuffalo said:

Maybe there should be a team in Orlando or Ft. Myers. Two under-appreciated markets.

This lineup is set, but I will take a look at these for a future league for sure.

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