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North Stars Tribute Series feat. the Stars, Wild, and Sharks


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About a month after I meant to get started on the final leg of the Anniversary saga, here I go...the multi-team North Stars series finally begins, and we kick things off with the 60s.  The Wild do battle with the Predators, whose uniform design is based on one of their spiritual ancestors, the Nashville Dixie Flyers



Down in Big D, the Stars face off with a foe that can legitimately be the visting team in any decade...yes, it's the 'Nucks again, this time borrowing from their minor league namesakes.



For the upcoming 70s post, I'm considering using the Cleveland Monsters instead of the Blue Jackets for the Barons tribute.  Very strongly, I might add.  I give you an early preview of the disco decade...the Sharks, paying tribute to the California Golden Seals (at home, for once) take on the Avs (in the style of the Nordiques' originals)


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I won't lie...I was thinking about creating a Dallas Blackhawks tribute jersey...though I've also been thinking of somehow making a Columbus Chill tribute uni for the Blue Jackets.  Would've involved reverse engineering Mooterus into a side view...and taking away its resemblance to a uterus, among other things...either that, or a cowboy head in some manner.  I might do that in a bonus post, or I might file it away for later, I don't know.


Without further ado, I give you 70s Night in St. Paul, where the Wild take on the role of a lifetime: the Minnesota Fighting Saints.  Opposing them, the Maple Leafs, who have the new leaf on the Ballard jerseys.



Down in Dallas, the Stars' 70s Night has them taking on the Devils, whose uniform is based on their original incarnation, the Kansas City Scouts, though since a third color was needed for this to work, green was brought back.  It might look like a hockey version of the Cowboys, but the Stars' threads are based on the late 70s North Stars, which largely boils down to silver replacing gold.



I have the 80s Night sets done, and will post them tomorrow night...I'd intended to end at a Stars vs. Wild 90s night, though that's subject to a slight alteration.  As far as Barons night goes, I'm pushing that to the end, though I'm gonna have either Hartford or the Moose as the visitors.

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For the '70s night Maple Leafs, you could work in a Ballard tribute and use a white on white NOB!


Overall, I'm loving this series. Great work as always!! 


Edit: And if you use the Chill for a CBJ fauxback, I'd love to see the sideways text make a comeback :-)

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Given CBJ would likely not exist without the Chill, it'd only make too much sense.  So now I'm thinking 90s Night will be Stars vs Panthers, and Wild vs CBJ.  And the board will go wild :D  Especially given I figure I might piss our resident Whalers fans off tomorrow.

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After a few days of putting it on the backburner, as well as trying to get a few things just right, we continue...80s Tribute Night is on.  First, the Wild vs. the Avs...the Wild have donned a tribute set in the style of the early 80s North Stars, while the Avs' style is taken from the hockey Rockies' whites.



And now...forgive me Pucky, for I have sinned. :hockeysmiley:


The Stars use the 80s North Stars white jersey design along with a pants style that wasn't around for as long as I thought it'd been: the stars in lieu of a stripe.  Tonight's opponent...the Hurricanes as the 80s Whalers.


BONUS: Barons Night, AHL Style!  I was thisclose to making the Monsters' opponents the Utica Comets.  Even though the eras wouldn't exactly match, I had this awesome idea in my mind...but then I had an equally awesome idea in mind for the Wolf Pack, and one that was from the actual time frame...so naturally, the Monsters pay tribute to the NHL Barons' 1st season sweaters (the 2nd year sweaters lacked the Ohio number patches).  Opposing them is Hartford, paying tribute to the Whalers: the uniform style is from the WHA era, and the logo's inspiration...well, you know.  The wolf sub stands in for Pucky.



Last, but not least, later on, I'll post 90s Night!  You'll probably like what I have in store for the Wild and Stars...but you'll love what I did with the Blue Jackets.

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Well, it's later, and the time is now...90s Night!  First up, Stars vs. Panthers...I was initially gonna go red, but then remembered the Jets/Bills fiasco...so I went with gold instead.



And now, the Wild vs. the Blue Jackets (in tribute to the Columbus Chill)



And there...is...your...dagger!


Keep an eye out, I intend for College to Pro to make a late season comeback, but other than that, I only have standalone stuff planned in the near future.


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