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2017/18 Soccer Kits


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The same sock thing is nothing new; Nike always did it that way. Some details that you haven't posted:

England home shirt has a red stripe around the neck,forming a St George's cross on the back. 

Brasil away has some sort of starry pattern


Chile,with an outstanding away top paired by a rather nondescript home one:



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That superman cape collar is pretty dam bad. Giving it to every team is even worse.


Adidas already did the number on the right chest for everyone at Euro2008, for most of those it's absolutely pointless. France looks the worst from the little we can see, just stop using navy. US probably the best of this bunch, too bad the they didn't qualify. Away kits seem like they  are generally better than the home, except for croatia where the away is really bad. Like the bigger checkers on the home though,  but the number should have been shifted to the middle white checker and in blue. Also glad they brought gold back for portugal's numbers

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- England are back to traditional colours; kits themselves are underwhelming,though

- Traditional gold trim instead of white for Portugal

- No stupid sleeves or socks!


- Template kits yet again; all of these,except for Croatia and the US,lack identity and feel like generic footy sim kits

- Awkward number placement

- The French kits... terrible

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On ‎2017‎年‎11‎月‎19‎日 at 1:17 AM, anythinglogos said:

Napoli with a late contender for worst kit of the year with a carbon fiber kit with air vent inspired details




oof, those are bad


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