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Stadium Series Fix


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Prediction is below. FIX




Based on the already released Pens jerseys, I decided to take a shot at predicting the Flyers' Stadium Series jerseys, if they stick to the template like years past. I created my own shoulder/arm logo, which is based off the Philadelphia flag.




C&C Appreciated!

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2 hours ago, TheGoldenTriangle said:

Interesting. I like it, but I think a hem stripe would really add to it.


Yeah, but the Penguins' jersey doesn't have anything beyond what's above, so his prediction makes sense.


It also looks really good. I like it. 


The thing is, that looks A LOT like the Penguins' new white jerseys, and Flyers fans won't like that (they cringe when you bring up their 50th anniversary gold lol)


From a prediction perspective, I think you're on the right track - and I don't think orange vs gold or black vs gold works, so I agree with your prediction on white. I think it's very realistic to have the same template. 

What I don't think they'll do is the two different pieces of color on the sleeves like you have. I think it'll be one color sleeves with a different colored stripe. fully black sleeves with an orange stripe, or fully orange sleeves with a black stripe, and whatever color, likely a matching hemline stripe. Figuring how simple the Penguins' stadium series jersey actually is, that makes the most sense to avoid as many stripes as possible. 

I think a colored nameplate is obviously going to happen. The Flyers insist on that now. It's part of the brand. 


If the Penguins got inventive and thought outside the box with their font, I would think the Flyers will as well. find a font that either screams "Broad Street Bullies" and "toughness" or a font that screams "Philadelphia Freedom" and see what happens.


I like it, and I like when things are realistic. I'm curious to hear your thoughts if you agree or disagree with me on the predictions.

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Okay, apparently I was a long way off. So, I'm updating this with my fixes to both jerseys.



First off, let it be said that I like both actual jerseys, although I find the use of a couple more creative elements could really top them off. For the Penguins, I changed around the sleeve striping to something inspired by the original Pittsburgh Pirates. For a streamlined look, I removed the patch and went with a traditional font. The sleeve numbers are now on the arms, and the Stadium Series logo is on the chest. For the Flyers jersey, I added a yoke reminiscent of the Philadelphia Quakers and broke up the sleeve stripe into four to match the logo.While I wasn't fully against the black-on-black numbers, I elected to go with a white numbering to make it stand out.


On both jerseys, I kept the logos and the base jersey colour.


C&C Appreciated!

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