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Social media Soccer kits (Insta Kit added)


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So a vague series of soccer kits coming your way. First up Facebook.


Home - Facebook F pattern that has a gradient with the Facebook Blue.


Away - Simple with elongated F


Both kits use the F as the crest, like logo as the Jock tag and the reaction bar is found on the collar.


What we think ? 


C&C would be lovely.


FB KIT.png

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I love stuff like this and this is no exception. Facebook looks pretty good, you did a good job making it feel like their graphics. I wouldn't use just a crest for every one though, because these are literally companies, and soccer has the companies on kits, and blah blah blah. Looking forward to more!

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For instagram, i wouldn't have the away kit be a brown throwback since Home and Away sets rarely use one current and one old jersey. Thats where an alternate would be great. For the away i would incorporate the instagram script onto the front of the shirt and go all out with the current rainbow pattern. Interesting idea here, just needs some adjustments

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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