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What Is The Worst NHL Logo Ever?


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I know that there's been a handful of threads like this in the past, but I think it would be really cool if we could eventually come to a consensus of what the ugliest pro sports logos are, with this eventually going over to polls. The goal here is basically just posting in this case NHL logos, the other 3 major sports will come in the future (no offense soccer fans), and voting based on likes for which logo is most hated by the board members (one logo per post). The top ten or so voted ugliest logos will go over to polls where the winner (or I guess loser) will be decided. So, to start things off, in my opinion the ugliest NHL logo ever, the Phoenix Coyotes' Desert Lizard.



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9 minutes ago, Cosmic said:

I don't mind that lizard logo. It fit the Coyotes' look at the time. And it also wasn't a crest; I think that's an important distinction.


This one is up there for me:



The crest argument is a good one, and I completely agree with your anime saber-tooth tiger logo selection. Might I say that that jersey was one of the worst of all time as well.

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I'm a Bruins fan, and I have disdain for that B's logo. One request though is that there is only one logo per post, that way we know which logo gets more likes. I'll put that in original post.

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6 minutes ago, Thomas said:

The electrocuted Poo bear is not so bad, he is kinda fuzzy looking. I wanna cuddle him and take a comb through his fur


Pooh is spelled with an h, it took me a while to figure out what you meant, lol. He looks deranged, that's where it loses me

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3 minutes ago, FinsUp1214 said:

I've always hated this thing:




Compelling. Not really.


This has the excuse of being older, but isn't as well done. The current has no excuses, but is better executed. Interesting divide

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