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What Is The Worst NHL Logo Ever?


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1 hour ago, Morgo said:


I wouldn't necessarily call it a bad logo, but it was a horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible, horrible choice to use that as the crest instead of the D foot by itself. As a wordmark logo used where wordmark logos normally are, it's fine... and I'm a Mighty Ducks man.

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1 hour ago, WSU151 said:


I feel like this could be redone and turn out really cool.  I like the concept even if the execution was bad.


If you haven't read this before, this link has some info on the logo.  Created independent before the sublimated jersey, originally submitted with a grey beard, etc.


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5 minutes ago, daniel75 said:

not even close.

But it´s just a circle with perhaps barbed wire through it. We only know what it´s  supposed to be, because we know hockey and logos, 


It might as well have something to do with this, which many of us have right in front of us, on our monitors



It´s too simple for a NHL teamlogo imo

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5 minutes ago, habsfan1 said:


The Ducks wordmark logo receives far more criticism than the Capitals script logo. Idk why...


i think its probably because the Ducks logo was an overhaul, and the caps logo was an update of a vintage logo. The Ducks logo is 3x as good though

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Alright, So I've looked through all the posts and I've set aside 7 that will definitely be poll options, but theres five leftover that id like you guys to pick three from. Here they are:


- Gortons Fisherman

- Ducks Wordmark

- CBJ Stick Through Banner

- Nordiques Classic

- Wild Wing


Depending on how many likes these get, ill have the ten poll options ready by tomorrow. Thx everyone

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The Ducks wordmark always makes me think of skateboard decals.


The webbed D is objectively a better logo, but the full script sort of worked for them, where, with the black/beige/grey color scheme, it all sort of felt like making the team as neutral and low-profile as possible. A team with no emotional baggage gobbling up Chris Pronger, Scott Neidermayer, and Teemu Selanne to go hang out in nice weather and win a Cup.

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