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MiLB | Eastern League Logo Rebrand

Go Red Sox!

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Another MiLB league logo rebrand – this time it's the Eastern League. I picked a classic serif typeface and the Stars and Stripes motif because the history of the United States of America began in the Northeast.


Here's the link to the league's current (and tremendously outdated) logo: http://www.sportslogos.net/logos/view/4971/_Eastern_League/19--/Primary_Logo







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20 hours ago, OliverP said:

I love it when someone makes a serif font in a sports logo look great and so fitting. The overall look is great, can we expect more minor league logo overhauls, 'cause I'm starting to see a trend happening with you? 


Thanks a lot, Oliver. It indeed is a trend and I'm trying to rebrand all the old, outdated marks in the next weeks, months.

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