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First try at making a concept


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Heyo, well... This was my first try at making a concept. I've done replicas of baseball jerseys in my spare time to get used to MS Paint, but never done a full concept. 


So I decided, why not start with a really simplistic early 1900s soccer (futball) team?


i know it's bad, but it was my first try and I'm still not used to ms Paint (if anyone has any tips on how to add word marks and numbers to jerseys it would be very helpful)




Philadelphia AC, established in the early 1910s by rich entrepreneur Justin Hewitt. The team quickly became the best club in Philadelphia, and one of the best in the Atlantic. Known for their strong, ruthless defense and acrobatic goalie



for their jerseys I wanted something simple, but unique. I used a dark brown for the kits, a color few teams use. With gray pants to balance the color. No wordmark,or sponsor on the jersey for the sake of cleanliness





I may may make more olde soccer teams and make a concept thread, I'm not too sure. Please send critiques and comments

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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