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Washington Capitals Concept


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This was just a random Caps concept I made out of boredom, with 4 variations. I can't decide on a favorite, so I figured I'd put 'em all on the boards. Here they are!


Copper and no Stars

Copper No Stars Watermarked.png

Copper and Stars

Copper Stars Watermarked.png

No Copper, no Stars

No Copper No Stars Watermarked.png

No Copper, with Stars

No Copper Stars Watermarked.png


There they are! Sorry if they're not the best quality, I rushed them a little bit. I'll touch it up once I can pick a favorite.

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Dude, if you're going to post something don't half-@$$ it. They are really rushed and it shows. I'll save my critique for whatever design you settle on, but if you want others to take this seriously don't just throw something you made when you were bored at us. I don't have a problem if you want opinions on a few variations, but if your audience is going to be making decisions for you, at least make it look good for their benefit.


That being said, I don't see copper being necessary in the way you are using it. I think it can work, just not for this design. When you place it next to the red, they tend to blend into each other especially if seen from a distance. You also use too many stars on the other variations, making it too busy.


If these are the given choices, then No Copper and No Stars.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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