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College Football Uniforms - 2017 Season


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On 7/7/2017 at 6:51 AM, McCarthy said:

Uniwatch tweeted this article: http://www.dailynews.com/sports/20170706/how-under-armour-wrote-the-next-chapter-for-ucla


This quote 

"He deconstructs the UCLA stripe as three parallel stripes, all touching. The outside two, which are the same color, represent the past and present. The middle stripe is of another color. It represents the future, guided by the other two."


Oh :censored: off. It's a stripe. You can't just add meaning to a striping pattern that has already existed for decades without corporate branding speak explaining why it is the way it is and then pat yourself on the back for it.  

On 7/10/2017 at 6:29 AM, McCarthy said:


The plan is to use the UCLA stripe on every athletic uniform, which is exactly what I would do if I was handed this project - Their uniforms sport to sport are wildly inconsistent and that stripe is the most identifying element. It's a big fat hanging curveball with the bases loaded of an idea.


What I scoff at, and looks like others agree with me, is fetching some quote off their website (and every single university has some similar platitude so it's not like UCLA is even special in this regard) and then bending the words to apply meaning to a stripe that has existed since 1949. That stripe has come to define UCLA, as good as any logo, for all these years without needing a reason for each stripe to exist and they don't need meaning now. Some things can just be because they look cool and have gained meaning over the years without randomly attributing some quotes to each element. He didn't create the stripe to match the quote. He took two unrelated things, did the math, and figured out that there's three items in each, and went "look what I did!". It's nonsense. 


"These stripes have represented UCLA since 1949 and have become such an iconic mark that it only makes sense to use across all uniform executions" would've done the job and been less "brand-y". 


This. Amen. Sometimes a stripe is just a stripe, and in UCLA's case it just happened to be a stripe that looked good enough to endure the decades. It doesnt need some meaning retroactively attached to it.


But yes, congratulations to Under Armour and UCLA for making UCLA's football team look like a proper UCLA football team. See Adidas? Not that difficult.


Now here's to another high preseason ranking going down the drain in another fiery death spiral for the Bruins :P 

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1 minute ago, walkerws said:

So they updated the white jersey? The green and black are the same aren't they?


Just from my quick observation, black jerseys appear to be the same. No Marshall logo on the sleeve, which appears on the white/green jersey. The black jerseys may be the leftovers from last year. They also added black pants, which weren't a part of the rotation last year.


White Jersey: Marshall logo on both sleeves, weird Marshall font across the chest.


Green Jersey: Marshall logo on both sleeves.

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21 minutes ago, lbj273 said:

Where is the PAC12 logo on the UCLA home jersey? Why is it only on the away?


Many teams take photos without the conference patches. Now why one has the patch and the other doesn't? Who knows.


Also, I miss how Marshall used to look. Ever since they started messing with their classic look, it's looked really bad to me. They don't need black whatsoever. And I would do anything to see the peapods come back with the green helmet.

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Looks like Navy slightly updated their uniforms for next season:


In addition to moving to UA's latest template, the six stripes that were previously on the torso are now on the shoulders, and the pants now have navy side stripes/panels. Other changes include a slightly smaller chest wordmark, sleeve numbers instead of shoulder numbers, and a navy collar instead of gold. The white jersey will almost certainly have the same changes. Here's the old navy set for comparison:


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24 minutes ago, WSU151 said:


Look like poison?  What does that even mean?

That Michigan has one of the best and classiest helmets in all of football, and with all of the cutouts and contours on the  Schutt f7 that look is compromised.

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Can't remember if this has been posted but Florida will be switching.


The team has been doing a photoshoot which appears to show new pants. These shots still show the NFL cut jersey so perhaps the new jerseys have not arrived yet. The swoosh swapped sides on the pants and the Gator was moved from the side stripes to the hip.


Also, you can see Florida has streamlined my biggest beef with their set. The pants always had an imbalance with the weight of the pants stripes versus the sleeve stripes. The orange stripes were obviously much thicker. Now it seems like they match perfectly.






Here are the old pants which show the bad mismatch between the jersey and pants striping.




...which reminds me how bad that helmet is. The tapered stripe is awful, as is the different logos on the two sides. The "F" side is awesome. "Gators" could work if it were on both sides. The tapered stripe is a different style than anything else in their wardrobe and is bad.



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