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Faux-Knit curling sweater


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Earlier this month someone on the Uni Watch site made a comment about wanting to see a curling t-shirt or sweater for the Uni Watch t-shirt of the month.


So with a bit of time off during the holiday season I decided to play around with the idea.


Started off with MSPaint/Paint.net friendly version of Sparky Chewbarky's Faux-Knit hockey sweater template, and then did some cutting and pasting and rudimentary drawing.

Made up a few patches and crests for the sweater and here's what I have.  Included the front patches because they might be small to see on the sweater.  One of the old programs I've used in the past doesn't work on Windows 10, which I reluctantly had got this year since XP isn't supported for some of the things the wife needs, so I'm trying a newer program along with the usual MSPaint/Paint.net


Concept is a little rough but I'd had enough by the time I'd got as far as you see.


Sparky, if you have any problems with the template modification I will gladly remove this post.






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