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2017 NASCAR Season Thread


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Results from Texas:


1. Harvick

2. Truex Jr.

3. Hamlin

4. Kenseth

5. Keselwoski

6. Logano

7. Blaney

8. Elliott

9. Kurt Busch

10. Jones


Stage 1 winner: Harvick

Stage 2 winner: Larson


The closer strikes again. Harvick had a good car & thanks to traffic, was able to get past Truex. Harvick just punched his ticket to Homestead as does Truex due to points. I still think Harvick is my dark horse to win it all, although its going to be hard to stop Truex. Johnson, Elliott, Hamlin & Blaney are in the bottom 4.

Next up Phoenix


Well, getting to Kenseth, in all honesty, I'm not surprised & its a bummer that he has nothing to drive next year. Maybe it'll be a year or maybe it will be like Biffle. I also kind of seeing the same thing happen to Danica, there were rumors that she was going to Roush but they basically shot that down. Speaking of driver moves, Stewart Haas is supposed to name their new driver & it looks like Aric Almirola will be driving the 10.

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I just kind of tuned out when Truex took the lead until Harvick made the pass. This season has been kinda boring with Truex being so dominant.


In my ideal world, I'd love for there to be about 24 different winners (this year, has had 14) and about 37 drivers with a top 10 (this year has had 33). That way, you can go into a race and feel like at least 35 of the 40 cars have a real legitimate shot of winning each week. I don't like going into a race knowing that, say, McDowell, Whitt, DiBenedetto, Buescher, Allmendinger, Almirola, Ragan, Cassill, Gaulding, LaJoie, Cope, Sorenson, J. Earnhardt, Long (when he runs), Hill (when he runs), Gase (when he runs), McLeod (when he runs), and T. Dillon have no real shot of winning a given race. That's 18 drivers that could compete in a given race that have no shot.


Call me crazy, but I'd love to know that any car on the track has a real shot at winning.

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That's nice. 


I look forward to hearing how he does. Aric was always one of my favorite "dark horse" drivers. I was happy when he "won" at Daytona a year or 2 ago. 

Hopefully with a good team & equipment (sorry RPM), he just might be able to squeak out a real win. 


At the very least SHR's car replacement bill should go down. LOL

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Results from Phoenix:


1. Kenseth

2. Elliott

3. Truex Jr.

4. Jones

5. Harvick

6. McMurray

7. Kyle Busch

8.  Stenhouse Jr.

9. Almirola

10. Earnhardt Jr.


Stage 1 winner: Larson

Stage 2 winner: Hamlin


Both stage winners knocked out of the race. Chase once again finishes in 2nd while Kenseth finally gets a win, its a shame he doesn't have a ride next season. Brad Keselowski advances with Kyle Busch, Martin Truex Jr. & Kevin Harvick.


Next up Miami for the finale.


Monster cup 4:

Kyle Busch

Truex Jr.



Xfinity 4:






Camping World 4:





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19 hours ago, ozzyman314 said:

And nothing of value was lost. 


Seconded. She's going to go down in history as one of the most over-rated drivers to ever step into a Cup vehicle.


She had the talent to be great, to be good, but she kept crashing nearly every event.

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Results from Miami:


1. Truex Jr.

2. Kyle Busch

3. Larson

4. Harvick

5. Elliott

6. Logano

7. Keslowski

8. Kenseth

9. Hamlin

10. Newman


Stage 1 & 2 winner: Larson


Truly, the right driver won the championship tonight. Truex won 8 races, was Mr. Consistent & drove his heart out the whole race. Kyle did have the faster car, I'll give him that but Truex was just non stop all season & I couldn't be happier. Now if you would've told me that a small race team from Denver Colorado would win a championship, I would've said your joking, well, I'm glad I was made a fool then. Junior finished 25th in his last race & Danica finished 37th after she wrecked. Erik Jones was named ROTY. William Byron won the Xfinity championship & Christopher Bell won the Camping World Truck series, last but not least, something interesting from the President of Ford Performance...



DAVE, WITH THE CAMARO COMING INTO THE CUP SERIES, ARE YOU INTRODUCING THE MUSTANG?  “Great question. I mean, Jim has been waiting for this answer. We always look at what's going on in the showroom, where we're going with our product development cycle plan.  We introduced the new Fusion a couple years ago.  We will be looking at introducing a new car in the future.  We have not submitted anything as of yet, but stay tuned.”

I think we know its coming, it has to happen.

With that we conclude the 2017 season, see you all back again at Daytona.

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This is 2018 season news (and relatively big at that), but I figured I'd put it in here instead of starting a new thread. That right belongs to @rvrdgsfn, respectfully.


Richard Petty Motorsports announced a few days ago that it will be switching from Ford to Chevy in 2018 and aligning itself with Richard Childress Racing.



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