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Logo for a Local Nonprofit


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I don't want to get into the politics of it. There's a local nonprofit in my area that's been very visible and expanding, that promotes LGBT rights in the area. They have a pretty mediocre logo, which is placed below.

Old Logo BG.png


Not awful, but there's just few things wrong with that, at least from my point of view.


1: Gradients are never good. This one is done well, but it can be done better.

2: I just don't like it. The script is fine, but the "BOULDER COUNTY" could be better. It doesn't go with the script, at least the way I see it.

3: There's nothing that signals this is a logo for an LGBT nonprofit. Hell, it could be for some outdoors club that thought the word "outdoor" was too long.


With that, I made one mark that's similar to this, and solved all the issues I saw. I put a .gif of them below.

Pres Gif.gif


It could also be customized for other pride flags, and other events. I have the bisexual and transgender flags below.

Bi-Trans Pres Gif.gif


Again, let's not focus on the politics - What do you think of these?

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I think the original script works better than yours. The script reads "Out" (with the underline), and the underline emphasizes the word "out" and term even more. With yours, you only use the bar to separate the name from the city, which makes everything very heavy-looking, especially in the same weight font. It relies too much on the rainbow to lighten it up a bit.


While gradients don't always work, the script version is strong because it works as one color. You could place it on a background (even a rainbow one), or maybe even make the underline itself a rainbow gradient.


You don't necessarily have to have to have a rainbow or other obvious gay-themed icon to emphasize this is an LGBT non-profit organization. I think the contrast between the script for the name and sans serif for the location is enough to set them apart and say "out" means something, even to those who may not be aware of the term.

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While I like what you did, I have to agree with the others in saying that the original gets my vote.


I think using the rainbow flag for the logo comes off as very cliche and does more harm than good. The original logo can be put over any picture to allow for some customization, but your interpretations of the logo limits it a bit in the mediums it could be applied to.


Great concept, though!

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Theres nothing wrong with gradients. With as progressive as technology is today, gradients will be seen much more often in identity packages. We stare at screens all day so we don't have the constraints of print. 


With that said, I don't think the gradient is even part of their logo, but rather just something they used as a background for the logo.


The gradient is actually a much more unique way to approach colors than your ideas. 


The script is much happier, positive and uplifting than the sans-serif you chose. I think you could achieve the same feelings with a SS for sure, but right now it's extremely generic and doesn't reflect the energy they're attempting to represent.


I don't mind the shift to sentence case for the secondary text, but paired with sentence case in "Out" creates a weird visual imbalance. The all caps in the current logo balances better with the "out" script.


Keep working!

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