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HS Eagle Concept


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Been a while since I posted anything... crazy busy with work, and a kid headed to Germany for college and coaching.


Anyway... I was asked to help a local HS get to 1 logo. So I did one concept that is a 3/4 view... I'm not completely happy with, and another that is strait profile. 


Superintendent thought the back was too long, and didn't like the point at the bottom, and the beak was too hawkish. 

The second is still up in the air... 


C&C as always is welcome.




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I like the 3/4 version more, mostly because it has more character and personality than the side view. 


You need to clean up the curves in many places on both versions. 


I highlighted some areas of concern for you below. 


The red areas are awkward curves. The beak is way too straight and long in the highlighted area. You'll notice in this area and the top of the head that the curves change and need to be manually reworked (it looks like this is a stroke issue). The other red dot to the left of the beak has a point that's not needed. I'd recommend a single curve until you reach the point between the beak and point Im referring to. Maybe the second curve under the beak could be a bit bolder as well. Might not be needed tho.


The blue spaces are just areas I recommend cleaning up. The nostril has a weird shape that strays from the style of the rest of the features in my opinion. The curve under the eye could be exaggerated more or turned into a single point as opposed to the 2 points you currently have.


The shadow above the eye is too thin in my opinion, as is the curve to the left of the beak.


The back curve (again highlighted blue) seems to be slightly awkward in the highlighted area.


And the bottom point is actually experiencing the same problem as the beak/back of head stroke I mentioned.




Also, above I illustrated ways you could improve the curves if my words weren't super clear. Hard to explain these sort of things w/o examples haha


The top example is just showing in general what I mean by a thin curves and then to the right is how you could improve it. The left version is similar to what you have above the beak currently. Thin curves could get lost when the logo is shrunk down.


The bottom example is specifically for the area under the eye. 

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You asked for suggestions to change the C shape.. My suggestion is to drop it entirely.. I'm kinda assuming the school's name begins with a C, although you gave us no context for it, so it appears to just be a random inclusion of the secondary color as awkward and unnecessary shading... But, even if the school's name does begin with a C, it looks very forced, and it detracts from the overall aesthetic of the rather nice eagle head logo you've created.. The beauty of creating an original logo is that the logo and school will be synonymous and mutually inclusive, so the logo itself will "speak" the school's name, even with no text.. Like looking at the Clemson tiger paw automatically brings "Clemson" to mind.. I think it's a superfluous detail that actually takes your fantastic logo down a notch.

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still had a couple lines that were a mess... cleaned those up as well. 


I like this one far more than the Ravens'esque one. and I realize it isn't much like it, mostly the profile look...



Fizes 2.png

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***I noticed that the eyeball is actually transparent, you need to go and fill that in with white***


I think you should take what works best and go from there.

This is for the first one, not the side view.


What's good:


- The colors (obviously they must be the school colors).


- The shape of the eye.


- The beak. (The yellow or gold part), not the purple...that's the part that's too long and makes it look like a hawk.


- The 'C' (I actually like it, I know the other comments don't)...I just feel there are other things to focus on first.



What seems off to me (In order from most severe to least):


- The line below the eye since it's dark, makes the eagle look tired. I suggest adding a highlight color or just removing that line altogether.


- The patch of purple where there is nothing, right under the thickest white area and 'C' are.

  - That area should have a smaller copy of the above white area, or the bottom pattern should continue there, either one.


- The point at the bottom. You want the logo to look more fluid as if it's moving. It's a good focal point but try to stretch that bottom point towards the back.


- - - - -


Take a look at the Philadelphia Eagles logo, and notice how the feathers form a pattern but with slight changes to each one, and they highlighted next to the eye instead of leaving it dark.




I think the issue is the source logo, it is good for getting inspiration from, but it's more of a resting eagle with a fierce look, instead of one in flight or attacking prey, which is how you want your rendition to look.


I can see this turning out really good in the end though. Good luck!

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builtbymachines... the school uses the Eagles logo. So, a big part was making it a radical departure from that look. 


Unfortunately I wasn't given the best direction on how to go with it. Just take what you did for your school and do our s just like it, but completely different.

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37 minutes ago, WavePunter said:

Still not a fan of the gold patch, but otherwise solid updates.. It looks like it's rotated slightly too far forward on the helmet imo, but it doesn't look bad as is


The School really likes it, I have played with it a bit and it needs something in that space... That said... I have been cleaning up lines and the shadow needed to be more there on brow, so I reworked that, and cleaned up the bad angle from the middle on the brow update. 


So here is the latest. I also did a skew for the helmet logo... here it is WITH the first one seen beneath it. 


For the helmet, I have been having to skew it a bit to fit on the modern helmet with more attachments taking up the side.





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32 minutes ago, ZionEagle said:

What would it look like if you made the gold highlight grey to make it more uniform? Excellent progression though. I always love it when a highschool gets an original logo :D 

I agree with something along these lines.. The artwork suggests that gold is for beaks, but then there's a random patch of it across an area of feathers, which the artwork suggests should be white.. If it's just to fill an empty space, there are better options imo.. But if you like it and the client likes it, then I can just go kick rocks

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