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Tennessee Titans Brand Progression


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With the announcement that the Titans will have a new look come 2018, I thought I'd show you all my take. A slightly Oilers inspired primary look that takes cues from the colors of the Tennessee flag. Logos are adjusted to create cohesion with the state flag and to create a unified striping pattern with the uniforms. Overall I went for a more a more sleek, unified and refined look that doesn't stray too far from what they have now. The Color Rush uniform is obviously a more direct tribute to the Oilers but the template stays true with that of the primary uniforms. Anyways, feel free to leave any C&C and I thank you in advance for giving my work a look.


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It's a great effort and I appreciate that. I don't see the need to diminish the columbia blue in the flaming thumbtack.


As a Titans fan, I think they need shoulder yokes and less red. Outside of the stars and flames, I don't see any reason the Titans should have red on them.

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