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New Impact Wrestling Logo


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16 minutes ago, ZionEagle said:

That's....peculiar to say the least. I don't like either of them to be honest, although the bottom might be a slight improvement design wise.


Seriously, what does an owl have to do with wrestling?


Turns out they fused the Anthem Media Group logo within their new design for Impact.




It's so awful because owls have nothing to do with TNA and this new logo is just a reminder of how badly this company has problems. They're so down a hole, they need to be represented by someone else's logo. The New Day can have an owl in their logo. But that's another story. Idk. I didn't think their poorly designed generic logo could be worse until this was unveiled.

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17 minutes ago, habsfan1 said:

One of the rare times TNA does something right. That logo looks amazing.


They should have started using that logo a lot earlier.


There are a few things I'm not a fan of, but it's such an extraordinary improvement that I won't complain too loudly.

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Miles better than the owl logo.

1 hour ago, Ice_Cap said:

The green is interesting. Could be foreshadowing an eventual switch-over from the TNA brand to the GFW brand.

Good point. GFW Impact anyone? 

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TNA Impact Wrestling roll out a confusing rebrand? Never! :upside:


The same thing happened when they renamed TNA iMPACT! to Impact Wrestling. No one was sure if the whole company was changing its name or just the show. Jeff Jarrett came out and said the whole thing was just going to be Impact Wrestling but then Hogan came out and said the company was still TNA, and it waffled in a state of confusion until it just settled into the status quo of not using the company name in the title of the flagship tv show. Which was a dumb idea in the first place.


This is a dumb company.

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23 hours ago, EddieJ1984 said:

It gets even more outdated if you go to their shop site, that still uses the TNA name and uses the Impact logo from 3 logo's ago.


TNA, you never fail to disappoint. I'd expect nothing less from them.


I also love that they still have Matt Hardy in the background image even though he's left TNA Impact.

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