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Atlanta Falcons concept, first project with Illustrator


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Hey guys,

Wanted to take a shot at a new project...this is my first attempt working with Illustrator rather than Inkscape. I'm using my own template (which has been slightly streamlined). I envisioned a new look for the Falcons, whose current uniform has been stale for about a decade. This new set would coincide with the new stadium and is more of a throwback look.


The overall look harkens back to the beautiful throwbacks from 1966 with the addition of sleeve stripes. I felt conflicted because I love the Northwestern style stripes they've worn before...I also love the gray pants with the red, white, and black stripe (same as the Super Bowl 1998 team's pants)...but mixing those with the helmet and you have a complete hodgepodge of striping patterns. So I've started from the helmet and the throwback pants stripe and expanding into a simple and consistent stripe across all elements.


I have designed a custom number font. It's somewhat based off of the wordmark font and tweaked but I think it's still rather simple.


I have also included an "Inaugural Season" patch on the black jersey, which I'd imagine they would wear for the very first game at the new stadium.




Here's the rest of the number set:


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This is really nice! Good work, especially on your first project with Illustrator. The only thing I would change on the number fonts is to make all of the edges/points consistent - example: the bottom non-serif line of the 9 doesn't have the angled edge like the 2, 3,or 5 do.

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Thank you! I feel like I'm pretty well versed after about a week, having used Inkscape for the past 6-7 years. I notified the 9, too, after I posted it. I created the number font mostly to get used to the program and just missed that one point on the 9. Wasn't planning on posting the full set but when I remembered I had it, I figured why not? Alas, I did leave a mistake.

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