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ATL Falcons Rebrand


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Been working on this project recently for fun. I'm not 100% done but it's come a long way and I'm happy with it as is now. 


Goal was to refresh the brand and create something that wont age quite as quickly as their current branding. I'm a fan so I may be biased, but I love what the Panthers did when they refreshed the logo and word mark (next step is uniforms, hopefully). The Panthers logo was definitely inspiration for this project.


Check out some of the project below and more on my portfolio!












Looking forward to your feedback!


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Whats up with all of these falcons concepts i'm seeing around the internet :D . Really though great work but the eye on the logo looks out of place and the number font needs to meet the logo's modernity

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I've been loving the current Falcons primary mark since the first time I saw it – and nothing has changed about that. I think it's one of the finest marks in all of sports. Because it's simple, it's very smart and its graphical execution is almost timeless.


You've gone a couple of steps further in terms of simplification by extracting the very characteristic feather lines which add depth to the mark and replaced it with shapes that at least stop me from thinking "Aaaah, feathered wings!" The whole falcon now, at least this is what's going through my head, looks rather mechanical, artificial, but not really bird-like anymore, as it was meant to be. That's why the simple but very easily recognizable look of Atlanta's current falcon (logo) seems to be almost completely gone for me. I would consider adding shapes that look more like feathers and that are horizontal instead of vertical.


You also changed the look of the talons which in your logo are smaller, differently angled and less identifiable compared to the original mark. Because the talons are now smaller and differently angled, the "F" (for Falcons) somehow loses at least some of its recognizable definiteness. I'm looking at the current Falcons mark and instantly realize, it's also clearly meant to be an "F". But this doesn't really happen anymore when I look at your logo – because of how the talons look and blend in with the rest of the mark.


I also think that the logo could generally use white (like in those feathers) or at least more of that light gray in order to achieve more color contrast, especially for usage on the helmets.


I couldn't say that the eyes look out of place. They have a different shape and seem to be placed a little farther away from the beak, but that's nothing I would criticize.


On the one hand, the custom "A" that you used in that "ATL" wordmark has a pretty solid and inventive look, while on the other hand I think it looks rather misshaped and unsuitable when being used in that simple horizontal "ATLANTA FALCONS" wordmark. The shape of the "A" is unique but I think it just doesn't harmonize well enough with the rest of the letters.


All in all, my personal opinion is that – if I had to compare and evaluate the current brand with yours – I would eventually come to the conclusion that the Falcons current mark still is the winner while you decided to make changes which didn't improve the original logo but rather downgraded the overall look of it, e.g. due to the missing of the feather lines. However, I think this can still become a winner over the real Falcons logo when you carefully refine the current mark instead of removing and replacing very distinctive and recognizable logo elements. This still has great potential!



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