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The Season concepts


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Recently, HockeyJerseyConcepts had a competition called "The Season" where people would anonymously send in concepts for a team of their choice. The teams were then split into groups for a round-robin format. The top 2 concepts in each group would advance to the playoffs, where the people would send in new concepts.


I chose the San Jose Sharks as my team because I wanted to use their great new logos. I used the Archetype template from Icethetics because I didn't want to make my jersey obvious.


For the first set of jerseys, which were part of the round-robin, I wanted to use orange (Unpopular Opinion: I like orange in their color scheme, I like orange in general), but only as a trim colour. I tried to make the design modern with a little bit of vintage. 

 33w9j05.png 2enxjpe.png


For the second set of jerseys, which were used in the playoffs, I wanted to use a style similar to the jerseys they used from 1998-2007.

x6mykz.png 15rb0yb.png


C&C is appreciated!

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Your playoff set looks great! It's a great throwback, but doesn't seem outdated or too 90s at all. I was very close to voting for it (for some reason it looks cleaner here than when presented).


For the "regular season" look, there's just too many stripes. I see where you were going, though. Without the orange stripes, the concept looks much better, but it needs to be there. So I'd suggest putting it between the white and black stripes on the home, and black and teal stripes on the away. On the arms, the striping should mirror the hem by shortening the black and teal stripes on the home and away respectively.


On both sets, I'd put a white outline around the logo.


 Overall, nice work; was great playing alongside you!

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The playoff set is fantastic, they should switch to that look full-time.


I usually don't mind the orange either, and they look great in most concepts (like your season one especially), but concepts without generally look much better.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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