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NHL 2017-18


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I really hope the Bruins switch back to yellow socks.


I remember a few years ago when the Red Sox got new road uniforms, they had been paired with blue undershirts and socks, and that lasted like a month before they went back to red.

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I'll never understand why Vancouver's uniforms aren't universally acclaimed.  The colours are fantastic, the striping is pure class and the Orca is a great logo that represents the region perfectly.  The arched script is wholly unique to the league and has historical precedence to boot.  Aesthetic differences with the collar aside, this is the first time they've stuck with a uniform longer than ten years.  If they really want to shed their reputation of always changing looks, they'll keep things as is.

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1 hour ago, FinsUp1214 said:


The only thing I ever thought was wrong with the Caps' 90's set was the numbers. Other than that, the colors are great, the logo is strong and actually something representative of the nickname, and the uniform flowed well with said logo as it was designed to accompany it. It was and still is the best the Caps ever looked.


Compare that to a templated mess that says "capiLals" on the front, and something so garishly too 70's that it looks dug out of a time capsule that wasn't supposed to be opened until 2074 and also happens to say "capiLals" on the front. The choice is easy for me, blue/black/bronze eagle it is, and a million times over.

I've long considered that era of Capitals lore one of my favorite sports identities of all-time.




Those thirds might be my absolute favorites of all time.

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11 hours ago, JQK said:

Even after the abomination of my Devils debacle of a sweater, anyone asking for Reebok's return needs a stiff cranial recalibration...

Reebok made better looking hockey jerseys. Teams improved their designs, but I liked reebok construction and looks better. 

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Now that I've had a chance to get a good look at the teams that made the most changes...


Las Vegas: I thought I'd like this jersey more than I do. Now that I've seen it, I think it's a little on the boring side. it has some cool elements, but overall, it's not that great. Grade C+.


Minnesota:  Very nice new look. I really like it. I'm probably in the minority, but I like that the red stripe is limited to the sleeves.  The red on the collar is a nice touch. Grade A. 


Carolina: Huge improvement over their previous look. I could do without the bottom half of the sleeves being black, but it's not a big deal and I may like it better when I see it in action. The sublimated storm flags are cool. A black "pentagon" on the collar would add a little contrast, but overall, I really like the update. Grade A.


New Jersey: The Devils should have left well enough alone. I don't think it's the disaster that a lot of people think it is, but it's definitely a significant downgrade. The Devils screwed up what I considered a classic look. I'm surprised by how much losing the white in the collar threw off the color balance. Grade D-.


Colorado: I've always thought the Avalanche logo looks like it should be on a 44 oz. pop cup at a Truck Stop instead of on a hockey sweater, but that aside, this is a really nice upgrade. I'm probably in the minority again, but I like the C patch. Grade A. 


Nashville: I'm glad all the piping is gone, but I think the Preds may have gone a half step too far in cleaning up the jersey. It's a little too clean, but it's still an improvement. Grade B.


Calgary: Losing the piping was definitely a step in the right direction, but there is still some work to do here. Changing the C back to white would make this jersey look so much better. Oh well, at least it isn't as ugly as it used to be. I like the name and number change. Losing the italics was the right idea. Grade C-. 


Buffalo: Count me among those who wanted the Sabres to bring back the royal blue, but other than that, just getting rid of the silver nonsense is a huge improvement. One of my favorite NHL jerseys. Grade A.


San Jose: The Shark on the front of the jersey is plenty. No need to add another one. No need to grade a patch. 


Columbus: Right now, I'm not crazy about going with the font from the alts for the name and number font. I'll have to see it in action.


Edmonton: I didn't think I'd like the change to orange as the primary look, but it's really grown on me. 


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10 minutes ago, bigred5050 said:

I'm surprised by the lack of talk about the shoulder perforations...


It took me a while to realize the draft hats were supposed to be similar to the fabric on the shoulders. 

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i used to really admire and respect the entire devils organization. thought that even though i was a stars fan, the devils were like my organizational soulmate. how i'd want my team run, in a vacuum.


that obviously left with lou.


someone explain this logic to me:

redesign some long-standing uniforms because you want to be more modern and usher in a new era... sort of chicken out and do nothing but adjust line weights and drop the waist stripes... then when people tell them they shouldn't have done anything, they respond like "pssssh. we don't care about trivial things such as fashion."


IF YOU'RE "NOT A FASHION COMPANY" THEN WHY DID YOU GO OUT OF YOUR WAY TO ALTER YOUR PERFECTLY FINE UNIFORMS TO BEGIN WITH? you can't belittle people for caring about aesthetics, as if you don't, when the entire reason they changed was because you thought they needed to change.

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Now the Oilers have a uniform set that will be exclusively associated with the Connor McDavid era. The Gretzky era had their own set of uniforms. The new era should have it's own uniforms too. Maybe a minority opinion, but I like the Oilers change. 

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Seeing the new Golden Knights, including the Flower of the Crease, in the new home sweater..... I love it even more. The design in the gold arms is a perfect touch, and the design inside the black shield of the logo is easily picked up by the lights. Not 100% sold on the white and gold gloves, but they are definitely unique. I've seen two different photos of the home uniform on display, one with a black helmet and one with a gray, so it'll be interesting to see which one gets finalized.

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I like @infrared41's grading scale, rather than just upgrade/downgrade, so here's my thoughts and grades:


Anaheim Ducks: C. They didn't screw anything up further, but I was really hoping for the addition of hem stripes rather than side panels. That's a uniform begging for hem stripes. Well, I'd argue every hockey uniform does, but this uniform looks particularly incomplete without the sleeve stripes continuing onto the hem. Also missed a chance to get rid of that awful phantom yoke on the homes,


Boston Bruins: C. I actually like the new numbers sans double outlines - I'm not a fan of double outlines at all. But changing to black socks at home is a terrible idea that drags down the set so much.


Buffalo Sabres: C+. It's a very minor upgrade, which isn't saying much. I want a return to royal blue, and for them to ditch the unnecessary silver, but even without those changes, the insistence on keeping the unnecessary front numbers drag these down quite a bit.


Calgary Flames: C-. As with Buffalo, a minor upgrade where a major overhaul was needed. Losing the piping is a positive. Keeping the black C, the ugly side panels, the lack of proper hem stripes, and the out-of-place blue Alberta patch? Awful ideas all around. They need a rebrand (or better yet, a return to their original Calgary duds) stat.


Carolina Hurricanes: B+. A massive upgrade, but they missed on one significant element. This would be a solid A if they just made the warning flags black.


Colorado Avalanche: A-. Finally, a return to the mountain hem stripes! the only thing I would've preferred would be if the divider between the burgundy and blue were black/white stripes, like on the original. I'm not a fan of how the dull grey looks in that context. Otherwise, a home run.


Columbus Blue Jackets: D. It's not 2007. Get rid of the Edge template.


Edmonton Oilers: D+. A big downgrade on the stripes and a disappointing return to navy. And frankly, i wish they stuck with royal blue jerseys.


Los Angeles Kings: C-. How do you look at that jersey and not a.) get rid of the out-of-place piping, and b.) match the striping between the home and road jerseys (using the thinner arm stripes and the hem stripes of the road, of course)? And I would much prefer the crown logo to be placed on the chest, rather than the home plate logo that manages to be both bland and visually busy all at once. At least it's not a return to the muddled black and purple color scheme?


Minnesota Wild: C+. Again, so close, yet so far. This would look perfect with a hem stripe matching the arm stripes. I hate how the chest stripe doesn't match the arm stripes, via the lack of a red stripe. If the designers were concerned that a red stripe on the chest would muddle the chest logo, then they should've went with a different stripe design (perhaps cream Northwestern stripes). The bottom of the jersey also looks blank.The only saving grace here is that the Wild's incredible logo is back in its rightful place on the front of their home uniform.


Nashville Predators: C. A slight upgrade, and yet a missed opportunity. Getting rid of the piping alone makes it an upgrade. But why did they remove the upper blue stripe? The white stripe does not look good directly against the yellow background. This is also begging for a blue yoke.


New Jersey Devils: F. What more can I say that hasn't already been said? They ditched the ultimate modern classic in the NHL for an unbalanced, ugly jersey.


New York Islanders: B. Adding back the blue outline around the chest logo on the roads makes it an upgrade. Keeping the clunky and cluttered chest logo that is out of date and doesn't even depict their current home on the map? I know they aren't ditching that logo (outside shot they do it when they relocate from Barclays to wherever), but I'd much prefer the "NY" on the chest. A white NY outlined in orange on the blue, and a blue NY outlined in orange on the whites. So much cleaner and more accurate than the current chest logo. Maps don't belong on logos, generally speaking.


Ottawa Senators: D-. So many different concepts that would've been both historically relevant and aesthetically pleasing. Instead they decide to keep one of the absolute worst of the Edge jerseys.


San Jose Sharks: C-. No real changes, and for that reason, they get a bad grade. Their hem stripes managed to survive the initial Edge rollout, were then removed for literally the dumbest reason possible, and still are missing even after the NHL moved to a new template. This is the blandest jersey possible. No, it isn't clean, it isn't crisp, it isn't traditional. It's just downright boring.


St. Louis Blues: B+. I still can't decide whether I prefer the yellow numbers of old, or the new white numbers. Don't think I have a preference - they both look good and both work in the context of the rest of the jersey. I might wind up liking the white more if I see it in action and like it. Short of going back to the amazing early-mid 70s blue-and-gold design (their best uniform ever), they weren't going to improve on their current look in the context of their current color scheme).


Vancouver Canucks: B. Shared my thoughts a couple pages ago, but I like the harmonized striping patterns across both the home and away uniforms. The chest logo and wordmark are still a huge negative that drags down the rest of the uniform: of all the various logos in their identity - Johnny Canuck over the V, skating Johnny Canuck, stick-in-rink, and the orca - they've managed to place the worst one on their chest. But the rest of the uniform looks good, and the striping is a minor but definite improvement.


Vegas Golden Knights: C. I thought I was going to loathe these uniforms. I'm not a fan of their color scheme and not terribly fond of their logo. But given what they had to work with, the jersey turned out alright. They're not bad, which is as good as you were going to get with that muddled color scheme and weak logo. Could've used more red, but it seems that will wind up being just a minor trim color for them. The gold pops a lot more than I ever thought it would, at least in pictures.


Washington Capitals: D-. This is like the awful backwash lying at the bottom of the bottle, after everything else has been drunk. The worst of the Edge holdovers. 


Overall? Adizero gets a in my book. Some minor upgrades, a few minor downgrades, one dumpster fire (Devils), and loads of missed opportunities, both in what was changed and what wasn't. One home run (Avalanche) and one that comes close (Hurricanes). This is better than Edge by a country mile, but still rife with disappointments.

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