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United States Soccer League/Canadian Soccer League(CSL-ALL DONE!)


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It's been a while since I posted a concept. My last American soccer league did not go as well as I had planned. So I've switched gears from computer designed to hand drawn. I started to do this all the way back in July and have worked on it off and on since then.

The United States Soccer League(USSL) and Canadian Soccer League (CSL)


So way back in 1902 6 clubs from the East coast and Midwest. Since then it has expanded to 75 teams an three tiers. Each state has at least 1 team plus Washington DC and Puerto Rico.


Established in 1971 with 6 teams across Canada, and now has twenty teams. Each providence and territory has at least 1 team.  


This is just like any other soccer league with regulations and promotions in the USSL. CSL is more MLS format with the same 20 teams each year. See the league rules here: (not completely finished yet) https://docs.google.com/document/d/14ndiQfsGJJM-iI9UaHcMU7QgyM5riBzH6aMvy4oP6PU/pub


American aspects: Playoffs to determine champion, draft, free agents, trades, etc.

European aspects: points system, regulation/promotion, etc.


One major thing though: Soccer is the only major sport in the world. No NFL, MLB, NBA, or NHL. Volleyball and other similar sports continue, but all of the major athletes play in this league(i.e. Steph Curry, Mike Trout, Sidney Crosby, Antonio Brown, etc.)


League Logos:

USSL Logo.jpgCSL Logo.jpgLeague II Logo.jpgLeague III Logo.jpg

First team to come soon!

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Here is a league map and other league across the world as they coexist with them:

Please don't ask for me to move a team to another city. I will accept reasons why I should move a team to another city in that state. Thanks

I have each team in the USSL Premier League done, and am currently working on the CSL, before moving on the lower leagues of the USSL.

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Some quick rules I will follow for myself:

  • No league wide font, as I am not a fan of league wide fonts
  • Each club will have a sponsor based in their area
  • Most clubs will have European style names(i.e. SC, United, Athletic, etc.)
  • Some will remain the MLS club(LASC), or take inspiration from the MLS club.

First one should be up soon!



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Team on the left:

Seattle SC

Founded in the USSL in 1966, Seattle SC has won three USSL titles, in 1976, 1989, and 2001. Led by Ken Griffey Jr. in 1989, and Ichiro in 2001 the club has had some top fight club success. The team spent some time in League II, but has a solid team today, with Russell Wilson, Nelson Cruz, Robinson Cano, and Clint Dempsey. The logo is a ship's wheel as the team takes heavy inspiration from the region it is in. The home kit is similar to the Sounders 2016 kit, while the clash is a throwback to the teams inaugural season, 50 years ago. The sponsor is Starbucks and the kits are supplied by Nike.

On the right:
San Francisco SC

SFSC was founded in 1981 and were lead by Barry Bonds to the 1993 title. They clinched the title again in 2015 behind league MVP Steph Curry. The 2015 USSL league Champions are stacked. With MVP Curry and picking up star Kevin Durant, and world-class goalkeeper Buster Posey(considered to be with Germany's Neuer, Spain's de Gea, and Canada's Carey Price as the world's best GKers) SFSC has a shot to consistently win the title. Crest features Golden Gate Bridge and Phoenix from the flag. Sponsor is Apple and kits are made by Puma. Golden crest on the chest is a Champions patch, similar to the UEFA Champions league winner: Real Madrid


C&C appreciated!



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1 minute ago, soflo_sports said:

Can I also ask you how you made the map on Google?

Go to

  1. Google Drive
  2. Blue NEW button in top left corner
  3. Bottom it says More
  4. Go to Google MY Maps
  5. And to add a marker hit the pinpoint icon below the search bar and put it where you want.

Hope this helps.

1 minute ago, soflo_sports said:

San Fran looks good, but the stars on the Seattle crest are a little off

Thanks, I wasn't sure about them, I will fix that.


Also, thanks to @TheGiantsFan for the template!

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2 hours ago, XenonDesigns said:

Seattle and San Francisco look good but I don't really like how that cream color goes with the green.


Looking forward to Iqaluit, I didn't even know anyone lived all the way up there :P

Since the team was founded in 1966 it's the 50th anniversary, and it's a throwback to before they wore green. Kinda based on this Mariners throwback in colors. 

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Today I have for you the LA Classic!

On the left:


LASC was founded in 1966 alongside Seattle. Since that time LASC has been crowned champions of the USSL 3 times, in 1970, 77, and 1983, and has been middle of the pack in recent years.  With Clayton Kershaw, and Todd Gurley III, LASC should be safe from relegation, but not quite a title contender. The team is based off of MLS expansion side, LAFC, but I changed the logo a little bit. Now remember, this is not a totally new league, as some MLS clubs will be the same. Sponsor is Google and kits are made by Adidas.  Kits are meant to be sleek and modern. Clash is meant to resemble the logo, and partially based on Oregon's football uniforms.  

On the right:

LA United

LA was the second club in LA to be added, as the club joined the USSL in 1981. An immediate rivalry was created with SC(sides are usually known as SC and United, when speaking of LA clubs) and continues today. Rival manufacturers Nike and Adidas help to fuel the rivalry. United is lead by USMNT star Mike Trout and Chris Paul. United claimed there only title in 1994, and are, like SC, continually middle of the pack in the USSL. Home kit is based on the LA flag, but I eliminated yellow, to differentiate from SC. They have always had a chest stripe, resembling the Californian flag, and similar to Adidas' design for Middlesbrough FC. Sponsor is Facebook and the kits are made by Adidas. I had some trouble with the logo, so any suggestions are appreciated! 


C&C appreciated!

Up next: The Coppers and Centennials!

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Anything? Well moving on, on your left

Arizona United

Arizona is one of the 4 clubs added in 1999 to the USSL and just recently received promotion to the Premier League in 2009, but has been here ever since, and are yet to win a title. The club, like both LA sides is consistently middle of the pack. Behind Paul Goldschmidt, Larry Fitzgerald, Patrick Peterson, and Tyrann Mathieu, The Coppers(as they are often called) have a strong core. Crest is an outline of Arizona, similar to the Coyotes'  secondary. Home kit is based on the Arizona flag, while the clash, goes off of their nickname of the Coppers. Sponsor is UHAUL, and Nike is the kit manufacturer. 

On the right

Mile High SC

Mile High entered the league in 1981, with San Francisco and LA United. Since that time Denver's club has won the title once, in 2005. After last season the club, had to find a replacement for future hall-of-famer Peyton Manning, and successfully did so with rookie Trevor Story. The team plays solid defense, with reigning Defensive Player of the Year, Von Miller anchoring the back line, and Everton transfer Tim Howard between the post. Home kit has purple with a vertical gray stripe, meant to resemble a mountain. The clash is gray with sublimated topographic map, like these Utah uniforms. Sponsor is Coors, and the kits are made by Nike.


C&C Appreciated!

Next Up: Everything is bigger in Texas

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Anyway, this is my plan for International football.

Each league runs from fall to spring with the summer as the off season. During the off season are the international tournaments, running on 4 year cycles.


2017: Confederations Cup Russia

 2018: World Cup Russia

2019: Continental Championships(Euros, Gold Cup, Copa America, African Cup of Nations, Asian Cup, Nations Cup

2020: Olympics Tokyo

2021: Confederations Cup



Of course in this world international soccer is bigger, as the US, Canada, Russia etc. would be powers with all of the other athletes. 

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5 hours ago, RedfieldNick said:

I have been paying attention, and I think this is an interesting series, will be paying attention through the rest of it.


5 hours ago, XenonDesigns said:

Nice designs but if you could get some better lighting on the pictures then it'd make it easier to make out the darker details.

I tried scanning but for some reason when i did that it would cut up the scan. Like this:

I am now taking pictures and uploading them to imgur, before posting them. If anyone has any idea how fix the scanner please let m know. I will try to get better lighting.

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Up next, on the left 

SC Dallas

SC Dallas was the lone(no pun intended) team to be added to the USSL in 1957. Since that time has clinched 4 USSL titles, in 1964, 1966, 2000, and 2007. The current side is lead my Dez Bryant, Yu Darvish, and rookie tandem Dak Prescott and Zeke Elliott. Crest has a longhorn steer, and a star on the bottom. Beneath the crest is a wreath of bluebonnet, Texas' state flower. SC Dallas takes much inspiration from FC Dallas, including the iconic red/ white hooped shirt. The clash is a state flag inspired kit, with the sponsor logo on the sleeve to accommodate the star on the front, and the shorts being split red and white. Sponsor is AT&T while Nike make the kits.

On the right

Houston Bearcats

Houston was added in 1999, and is one of few teams to have a non-European name. The club is yet to have title, but shows promise with defensive star JJ Watt, as well as stars Jose Altuve and Carlos Correa. Off-season acquisition Brock Osweiler has under preformed, but the Bearcats have hope he will succeed. The team name and logo is based off of Sam Houston State. The home kit is light blue, with a bear claw scratch through the logo and on the lower back. Clash is "Astro Red" with a rocket tail, based off of Houston space industry, under the numbers. Sponsor is Shell, and Under Armour makes their kits, this is what I based the template off of.


Hope the lighting is better.

Next Up: Sunshine State

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