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NHL by Adidas - Predictions and Wish List (Final teams added! - MTL/BUF/VAN)


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50 minutes ago, OhioSportsMan61 said:


Haha thanks @B-mer, time to move on! 


28) San Jose Sharks


Prediction: I could see the Sharks replacing their current logo set with the new marks they unveiled this fall




Wish List: Modern twist on their original jerseys



For the prediction, I could not see the sharks moving to that logo because, and correct me if I am wrong, it was only made for their Los Tiburones jersey night. As for the wish list jersey, I really like it a lot it looks more like their second jersey set than their original you say it's based off of. Also, I find it refreshing to see a jersey that doesn't look identical to their first set and recolored and called a "concept". The one thing rubbing me wrong on the Wish list jerseys are the numbers, I feel as if they are a tad large. Other than that good job on two more beautiful jerseys and a great series!

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Alrighty, time to wrap this series up!


29) Montreal Canadiens


Prediction: They're not going to change a thing lol they're the freakin Canadiens for crying out loud. Not gonna post a Wish List concept for them





30) Buffalo Sabres


Prediction: they ditch the gray piping and pit stains




Wish List: An idea based off a previous Sabres concept of mine





31) Vancouver Canucks


Prediction: They ditch the orca logo, promote the stick in rink jersey and add a matching white




Wish List: like Buffalo, based off a previous set of mine. Johnny V logo becomes the primary!





And that's all there is to it. Thank you everyone for the kind words, comments, and criticism throughout this entire series!

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I hate the idea of the Canucks using the three stripes on a regular basis, but love to see the Stick-in-the-rink on the front of the sweater. Hopefully they make it the primary and make a white version for the home. Great work on this whole series, can't wait for your next project!

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Buffalo's away jersey just doesn't seem right, too much navy and not enough yellow. If you carried over the striping from the home without changing the colors I think it would look solid. Also, great job on this entire series!

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16 hours ago, luketheduke03 said:

Would you mind doing one of these for the Whalers? I know it's a pipe dream, but I think you could do something pretty special. 

That's not a bad idea. 


Also, could you make albums for the predictions and wish lists? I love almost all these!

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