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White Helmets for Alabama?


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Bama wore white helmets on occasion in '83 and went 8-4. Was a step down from past Alabama standards.


But I chalk '83 and '84 to the slip in Alabama recruiting during Bear Bryant's last days. Bama had a bad year (for them) in Bryant's last year of 1982 with losses to both Tennessee and LSU, two of the Tide's annual foes that hadn't beaten Bama since 1970. So the program was already declining when Perkins got there. 

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Life-long Bama fan and have wanted see the white helmets for some road games since the 80's (never at home with crimson jerseys). I wrote a letter to coach Saban about this last month. I actually have an inside connection at Bama and will be there in the equipment rooms some time in the next couple of weeks. I am planning on bringing it up with the EQ staff.

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