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Re: NBA Merchandising Story That Went Up on the Website Yesterday


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A few things


1. The story linked to in the first paragraph, the entire basis for the article, was originally published on NBA.com in January of last year. It is not reflective of sales/trends for the 2016-2017 season




Elsewhere, Chicago Bulls' Jimmy Butler finds himself in the top ten for the first time, joining team mate Derrick Rose in the process. With many backing the Bulls to be a serious contender come playoff time, Fried Hoiberg's team are now being backed heavily in the sports betting markets* (*this was a embedded link to a generic sport gambling website) to win a first NBA title since 1998.

Almost none of this is accurate.


3. It was written by a ''guest author'', which is somewhat peculiar as I'm not sure I've seen a story on CCSLC credited to someone who didn't have a real name attached to it.




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32 minutes ago, Stu-BallsOmnicorp said:

Yeah the article seemed way off. The Bulls weren't good last year and are currently two games below .500. I'm not sure who would be backing them to win the title. The whole article seemed rather fishy.


I'm not sure why someone still thinks Derrick Rose is on the Bulls.

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