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Need help finishing a logo


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I offered my design "skills" (I'm no pro, I just do it for fun) to my aunt who is a wedding/event planner (also just for fun).  She wanted a more professional looking logo to place on her invites, cards, stationary, and other printed media.  Her "company" is called  Designs By Deirdre.  She wants to incorporate a snowflake and she absolutely loves anything sparkling, shining, blinging, and most importantly elegant and high class. I feel great about the wordmark but I am stuck on the snowflake and how to make it sparkle with elegance.  I put together a few different variations of this logo, as I am not particularly pleased with any one over another.  Please C&C, I need some help!

Designs by D.png

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For the D inside the snowflake, it needs to be wider and I'd switch the colors on it so it's visible in monochrome. Right now it's a glob on the middle. If you're not planning to have the snowflake as it's own stand alone logo I'd consider shrinking it and tossing the D.

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5 hours ago, CreamSoda said:

I can't read the script at all...  And the snowflake awkwardly competes with the text.


I would try a whole other approach here.  Some simpler text and a more simplistic snowflake.  This one is way too busy.


Agreed about the elements competing in most of your versions.

One easy way to fix that would be to use lesser weight on your snowflakes' outlines.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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