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National Laser Tag League


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Just a thought I had: what if there were a league of laser tag teams? Now, to flesh that thought out a bit:


This is a sixteen-team league, with two conferences, each consisting of two four-team divisions. The top two teams from each division make the playoffs (although the bonuses given to players and coaches differ between divisional winners and wild cards). The season consists of forty games, played on Saturdays only, typically one per week (winters are off, as that's the worst time to travel). Players and coaches are strongly encouraged to have other jobs, as nobody makes more than $40K in a season, and healthcare is very bare-bones. In short, this straddles the line between pro and semipro. It's a new startup, so it has to be this way at first, right?


Contrary to what you might think, home-course/arena (I'm calling them courses) advantage plays a big role. The courses have different designs and obviously the home team knows its course better than the visitors do. That said, there are certain basic rules relating to course size and structure that all teams must follow.


Rosters are eight men per team, but only five play at a time. No in-game substitutions may be made except in the unlikely event of an injury. Those with more experience playing laser tag than I can help iron out other rules. (While I've greatly enjoyed the game when I've played it, there are no facilities in my hometown so I have only played a few times.)


League setup (names off the top of my head; feel free to claim a team, change its name and/or location, and submit designs for it):


Eastern Conference:


Southeast Division:

Atlanta Agitators

Miami Neons

New Orleans Turtles

Charlotte Eels

Nashville Twang


Northeast Division:

Columbus Cobras

New York Volt

Hartford Stags

Boston Beams

Detroit Electrons


Western Conference:

Northwest Division:

Portland Thorns

Denver Peaks

Boise Beavers

San Francisco Shockers

Casper Frighteners


Southwest Division:

Los Angeles Jedis

Phoenix Scorpions

Las Vegas Rollers

Santa Fe Rattlers

Houston Explosion





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44 minutes ago, Broncoboy7 said:

I will take the Santa Fe Rattlers. Is there certain uniforms, any templates I'll need, or should I just get to the design of the team? Of course I can't design logos, so I'll get to someone to help me with that.

Let's go with shorts and t-shirts. Preferably the same color. Every team should have a home and a road. I'd strongly prefer that it NOT be like soccer where the home and road use entirely different color schemes.

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1 hour ago, Dan O'Mac said:

And now it's a race to get a concept up before they shut it down because, validly, there are no concepts.

Time's up. 


Please repost when you have something to share. 

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