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Some FIBA Concepts


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I wanted to play with some international basketball concepts, so I did! Below are some really good teams, some have new logos, but I wanted to make modern Nike uniforms for all the teams.















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Absolutely love all the jerseys, except the US. I kind of like the diagonal striping but I kind of don't. And I agree with HRC4 about the numbers. They look like 3-D gone bad.Just a little touch up on the USA jerseys and they'll be perfect.

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4 hours ago, OliverP said:

Links for the pics are broken...only me or is everyone experiencing it?

Nah it's coming up like that for me too but I thought it may had been my phone. They are on my blog though. Linked below till I get a chance to fix it!



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Big fan of what you've designed for Greece, Lithuania, and Turkey -- all distinct identities with unique yet clean details. These are everything national team uniforms should be. Australia is very good too, but the side striping inconsistency between the jersey and the shorts puzzles me. Pinstripes are an odd look for Team USA, as is the inclusion of light blue -- without these elements your design would be simple, but still effective. Well done, thanks for sharing!

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I liked how you came up with Turkey and Lithuania unifroms and logos. Greece's uniforms reminded me of Adidas' bad designs for Michigan's and Louisville's basketball uniforms. BUT this uniforms you designed for Greece are waaaaaaay better than them fugly Adidas uniforms. Annnnnnd...... USA's slanted pinstripes took me by surprise. it is the new element to me though for USA teams. 

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