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Startup Gener8tor Branding


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i think the G/8 icon is a good idea. im not sure if that lightning bolt is needed on the crossbar of the G, im not finding how that really adds to anything. unless you're going for "speed", then maybe you can make the rest of the mark play around that too. maybe skew it a bit?


there's too much going on in the wordmark though. what is it you want people to notice and remember? the red G? the lightning crossbar in the G? the 8? an oversized, red 8? take away some of those ideas and it will be stronger. just focus on one thing.


i feel the colors might be a bit aggressive. i'd recommend using gray instead of black and/or using a cool color in place of red. make it a bit more approachable

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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