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Minnesota Wild Update


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What I would do if I were updating the Wild for the Adidas switchover. Strong rumors that they will (rightfully) switch back to green for the home sweaters. I'd use the current aways as the template. Also get some better color balance on both sweaters while solidifying the color hierarchy: green is primary, red is secondary, wheat is tertiary. The roundel logo gets retired due to being horrendously boring and I tried coming up with a more modern, less hokey looking State of Hockey patch to replace it on the shoulders, but I'm not super satisfied with it. Green breezers remain, socks follow the striping pattern of the sleeves.

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4 minutes ago, chcarlson23 said:

I'd say ditch the red shoulder yoke on the home and they'd be perfect!

I think the white is pretty well set.


I'd almost like to see the green:

  1. as-is
  2. no yoke
  3. white outline on yoke

If #3 turns out best, then try a red outline on the road jersey?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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