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San Diego FC concept project


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Hello everyone


My friend back home recently found out that he lost his team the San Diego Chargers. Like most fans he is devastated and has no wish to follow the team if they do not play in San Diego. However he loves football (soccer) so thought I would create a concept for a team based around the recent rumors of San Diego looking into MLS. I have a contact in China who can make any football jersey designs I design so my plan is to make a kit as If it were me designing for a real team coming to San Diego. 


My idea for the crest is based on the seal of the city of San Diego, as I loved the way the pillars looked and had an Idea how they could be used to fuse that crest and the pillars together. They seemed similar to the pillars used by the Spanish national team's royal crest so felt like it was a good Idea to follow.


As for the crest Itself I wanted to go for a US navy theme given San Diego history with the  US navy. I also wanted to keep it as simple as possible as less is better in football (soccer) usually. 


My question to the community is what are your thoughts? I need your opinions on any changes that need to be made etc. The jersey itself will be charger powder blue with yellow and white so that San Diego keeps that colour scheme. Don't forget I'm relatively amateur, I'm using inkscape and have taught myself up to this point. I plan to go to school and I'm utilizing skilshare but this is a project I need to have done before I go home on vacation to England so I can give him the jersey.


Any tips, criticism, etc will be welcome. If anyone is interested in this project I will post updates with the completed jersey etc.


Thanks for taking the time to read etc.



sd sheild3.png

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