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History of nameless baseball uniforms


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Is there a place that would list history of each baseball team having nameless uniforms. Of course the Yankees have always been nameless both home and away and the Red Sox at home and Giants since 2000, but what were some years where teams added names or in some cases switched back. In Chicago the Cubs have had names on the home uniforms since 1993 and the White Sox I believe added names in the mid 70s but went nameless home and away in their 1987 cursive c switch but added names to the road jerseys in the 1991 switch to the current modern look and to the home jerseys in I believe 1997. What year did the Red Sox add names to the road uniform, they were definitely still nameless in 1986 and had names by 1990, so must have been some point in between, anyone know exact years for other teams?

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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