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infrared41's Who am I? Super Bowl LI Edition.


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The Super Bowl trivia contest that requires a little more than the ability to quickly google answers. 


For the new folks, here's how it works. Every player has appeared in at least one Super Bowl. The easier the player, the tougher the clues and vice versa. The emphasis is on players who played in the 60's thru the 90's but a player could be from any Super Bowl. Pay close attention to the way the clues are worded and the words used in a clue. 


Round I


I. The teams I played for have a combined total of 10 Super Bowl appearances.

II. I played in 5 of those ten Super Bowl appearances. 

III. I was one of the players in a famous in-season three team trade that also involved a Hall of Famer. 

IV. My draft position was the highest for my college since this Hall of Famer was drafted and I'm still my alma mater's highest draft pick on my side of the ball . 

IV. Bumbles may bounce, but Beurleins don't.


Who am I?  



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44 minutes ago, jc... said:

Cornelius Bennett? 


jc... gets on the board first with Cornelius Bennett. 


I. Bennett played for Buffalo (4), Atlanta (2), and Indianapolis (4).

II. He played in four Super Bowls with the Bills and one with the Falcons.

III. Bennett was part of the three team in-season trade in 1987 that sent Eric Dickerson from the LA Rams to the Colts.

IV. He was drafted out of Alabama by the Colts with the #2 overall pick in the 1987 draft. The previous Crimson Tide player to be drafted that high was Joe Namath who was drafted #1 overall by the AFL's Jets (12th by the NFL's Cardinals) in 1965. Bennett is still the highest drafted defensive player in Alabama history.

V. "Bumbles bounce" was said by the character "Yukon Corneilus" in the classic Rankin-Bass Christmas show, Rudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer. "Beurleins don't" is a reference to Bennett sacking Notre Dame QB, Steve Beurlein, in 1986. According to Wikipedia, the play was "the most famous" of Bennett's career and was "immortalized" in a painting called "The Sack" by artist Daniel Moore.



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Round II


I. The teams I played for have a combined total of 14 Super Bowl appearances.

II. My alma mater went undefeated in the regular season in 2016. 

III. No, I'm not related to the guy who was on Jeopardy. 

IV. I was part of a landmark play that resulted in a career stat that had only been reached three times before. It's fitting that I was part of #4.  

V. My hometown used to be home to this famous musical instrument company. This company has something in common with the Houston Oilers. 


Who am I? 

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1 hour ago, ninersdd said:

Greg Jennings?


Greg Jennings it is. 


I. Packers (5), Vikings (4), and Dolphins (5). 

II. Jennings played his college ball at Western Michigan.

III. Despite their uncanny resemblance to each other, Greg Jennings is not related to Jeopardy champion, Ken Jennings. :D

IV. Jennings caught Brett Favre's 400th career TD pass. I made a mistake in the clue. Favre is one of four QBs to reach 400 career TD passes (Brees, Marino, and Peyton Manning are the others) he was not the 4th. (Brees is the 4th) 

V. Jennings hometown of Kalamazoo, MI used to be the home of Gibson Guitars. Like the Houston Oilers, Gibson relocated to Nashville. 





We'll pick up with round III tomorrow. 

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Round III


I. The team for which I played my entire career played is one of the five six (forgot to count the team I'm referring to in the clue) NFL teams that have accomplished this in the Super Bowl.

II. My former team is one of the seven NFL teams to have accomplished this in the Super Bowl.

III. No, I am not related to this famous Astronaut.

IV. I am one of just seven players to receive this honor from my team.

V. Half of this team's Super Bowl wins were against my old team.


Who am I? 

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49 minutes ago, ~Bear said:

Bruce Armstrong




I. Armstrong played his entire career with the Patriots.  The Pats are one of the six* NFL teams to win the Super Bowl at least four times. 

II. The Patriots are one of seven NFL teams to win back to back Super Bowls.

III. Despite their uncanny resemblance to one another, Bruce Armstrong is not related to Apollo 11 astronaut, Neil Armstrong. 

IV. Armstrong is one of seven Patriots to have his number retired.

V. The New York Giants have won the Super Bowl four times - beating the Patriots in two of those four Super Bowl wins. 





*the original clue said five teams because I didn't think to count the Patriots among the teams.



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Round IV


I. The teams I played for have a combined total of 10 Super Bowl appearances.

II. The team for which I have played the bulk of my career was the first and only (so far) team to have reached this Super Bowl milestone. 

III. I set a Super Bowl record with this all-time Super Bowl highlight play.

IV. If my team had played better this season, I'd be headed back to the Super Bowl and we'd be setting the record. 

V. I am considered to be one of the most famous players to have played in this now defunct league. It's where I started my career. 


Who am I?

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20 minutes ago, waltere said:

James Harrison?


Put waltere on the board. James Harrison is correct. 


I. Harrison plays for the Steelers (8) and played for the Bengals (2). 

II. The Steelers are the only team to win the Super Bowl six time.

III. Harrison 100 yard INT return for a TD in Super Bowl XLIII set a Super Bowl record.

IV. Harrison's Steelers lost to New England in this season's AFC Championship Game. Had the Steelers won, they would be setting the record with their 9th Super Bowl appearance. 

V. Technically, his career "started" with the Steelers, but he basically spent two seasons on the Steelers practice squad. After being cut by the Steelers, Harrison was signed by the Ravens and sent to play for the Rhein Fire of the now defunct World League of American Football. Cut by the Ravens, Harrison was signed again by the Steelers, made the team and we know the rest. Despite the fact that he was on the Steelers practice squad for two seasons, you could argue that his career really began with the season in the WLAF. 






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Round V


I. The teams I played for have a combined total of 21 Super Bowl appearances. 

II. I played in five of those 21 Super Bowls. Four times on the winning team. 

III. I don't have the best reputation among my peers. In fact, ESPN ranked me 5th on a list of this type of player. The list was compiled of players from all sports.

IV. Despite, or maybe because of, my reputation, I was on the cover of a video game.

V. True to character, I played one of the bad guys in this movie remake.


Who am I? 

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17 minutes ago, ninersdd said:

Bill Romanowski?


ninersdd takes the lead with Bill Romanowski.


I. Romanowski played for the 49ers (6), Broncos (8), Eagles (2), and Raiders (5). 

II. He got rings with the 49ers in Super Bowls XXIII and XXIV and Broncos in Super Bowls XXXII and XXXIII.

III. ESPN ranked Romanowski 5th on it's list of dirtiest players in team sports history. 

IV. He was on the cover of Midway's "Blitz: The League."

V. Romanowski played one of the prison guards in the remake of The Longest Yard.






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Round VI


I. The teams I played for have a combined total of 15 Super Bowl appearances.

II. I have two Super Bowl rings. They represent one of the NFL's fiercest rivalries. 

III. When asked what was my favorite memory of attending my alma mater, I replied "leaving." Despite that, I ended up having my number retired and I completed my degree there.

IV. I was the first player at my position to do this in a Super Bowl.

V. I made news by wearing the wrong attire to the White House.


Who am I? 



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